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   According to statistics, 15 years of Dec. water purification equipment in the PRC, the data show, water purifier filter water purifier market that is a meteoric rise, especially in December, TOP20 selling a single product that is filter-type products have already reached 5 money, and retail volume share of 15.36 percent, an increase of 6.76 percentage points, an increase of 9.36 percentage points year on year, a huge increase, water purifier market 15 years to become a major highlight.

   According to professional analysis, mainly due to the following five aspects:

   initiative to increase consumer acceptance of new technologies and new products

   January 19, the National Bureau of Statistics 2015 GDP growth rate of 6.9 percent, the highest 25-year low. The PRC, general manager Jia Dongsheng has said this red top prize in the meeting, "In this sluggish macro environment inside, so the consumer electronics market is facing enormous challenges, but to enhance the level of consumption of the residents, diversified consumer demand gave appliances bring more market opportunities. " And he says the opportunity is from the high-end market.

   in the national grid co-PRC published "Chinas high-end appliances consumer report" for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Xian 10 major cities in the family monthly income recognition has been high-end appliances and consumer preferences survey of more than 15,000 yuan consumer groups, the results show that plans to buy high-end appliances in the crowd, for consumers seeking quality of life and need replacement appliances accounted for 65%, respectively and more than 60%, three factors when consumers buy high-end appliances priorities are product quality, intelligence and technical content.

   From this, the enthusiasm of consumers to accept new technologies, new products has increased. This focus on technology, research and development, quality of large enterprises, is an important opportunity against the current.

   water purifier market product upgrades, high-end water purifiers consumers increasingly negative factors

   Despite 15 years of Chinese economic downturn, such as pre-cooling appliance industry to accept, but the Chinese home appliance market high-end products more and more accepted by consumers, water purifier market is no exception. That filter water purifier water industry as a high-end models, in 2015 retail share has been greatly improved, the current filter type product that is has been able to account for 8.79 percent of retail sales of water purification equipment market share, improve compared to 2014 3.43Percentage points.

   That filter type products than conventional water purifier obvious advantages

   that is ready to drink filtered water industry as more advanced evolutionary manner, with respect to conventional water purifiers have it more fresh, healthier, 0 wait, large flux, no tank space saving and many other advantages, and for the fast pace of life, focusing on health and quality of life of city dwellers demanding, this is undoubtedly the three major advantages to meet the high consumer quality of life demands.

   let the popularity of large enterprises take the lead, lead the water industry into the new era that is filtered

   by the end of 15 China water purifier market is not calm, the water purifier by the United States spearheaded "that drinking water purifier filter that is "universal storm quickly swept through the water purifier market. At the same time straight down thousand Yuan by a fighter-type MRO201-4 water purifiers, water purifiers filter that is quickly occupied the market, has been welcomed by consumers. According to the PRC retail sales statistics, in December 2015, which the PRC into the water purifier best-selling single product TOP1, retail accounted for more than 6.88%, retail sales accounted for 8.87%. This popularity of the United States by the storm off the water purifier, also led to dramatically filter the entire water purification industry that is the product of the formula, or water purification will lead the industry into the new era that is filtered.

   can be said that this round behind the popularity of the storm that is ready to drink filtered, it has benefited from the United States of accumulation and precipitation water purification industry more than a decade of time. Responsibility popularity water industry of new technologies is beautiful as water purification equipment leader lies. However, the "drink that is both universal filter storm" is the most benefit consumers, that is able to enjoy the convenience brought about by new technologies, but also enjoy the early technology popularization price.

   That is filtered drink market popularity of new technology is imperative

   The disadvantage with the conventional water purifier freshness indicator of consumer drinking water, taste, and other requirements of cleanliness improved and the shortcomings of its pressure vessel also inevitably been criticized.

   Traditional progress on the water pressure in the tank, the presence of stagnant water remaining, the storage tank is low prolonged freshness. While the US uses MRO201-4 tankless water purifier of the RO membrane and two parallel technology patented technology, to break the industry "can" embodiment, i.e. without filtration drink storage, to prevent secondary pollution, water is more fresh.

   future that is ready to drink water purifier filter water purification equipment market will become the mainstream water purifier but because of consumer water purifierThe working principle and technology do not understand, at the same time, on the part of the electric appliance stores Web site and presentation for lack of water purifiers, water purifiers causing consumers to buy when there is a certain blindness. Just choose according to brand reputation or promotional efforts, but choose to ignore the key point of water purifiers - an important indicator of freshness of water quality, water speed, the net amount of water and water-saving capability. Filter technology that is ready to drink now mature market that is ready to drink filtered popularity of new technology is imperative.

   Although water purification products on the market there are mainly traditional tank water purifier, but with the upgrade of consumer demand, ie drinking water purifier filter that is more and more accepted by consumers, that is, the proportion of high-end water purifier filter-drink products will be growing. After

   At the same time, after the US water purification "that filter the drink universal storm" and none popularity, so that more consumers understand that is ready to drink filtered water industry is the new standard by the US water purifier enforcement of the national popularity of large operations, will be ready to drink filtered water purifier that is to become the market mainstream water purifier and lay a solid groundwork.

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