Two-eleven he took a net 30 million villa, the results ----
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   double eleven draws near, more and more full shopping cart. This is much to explore Ma, heavyweights together to carry forward the hand chop festival, attracted net number seven feet tall bow? People about midnight, ready for instant noodles, coffee, looked straight ahead at the computer, full of energy holding the mouse, wait for blood fight! buy buy buy, fight fight fight, grab the revolver, year after year of record sales miracle, and now to the eighth year, you will be so crazy it?


   [ 123] for the general public chop hand family may be so, at least coworkers have begun operations. But to have served as CEO, marry white Formica, took to the pinnacle of life W is somewhat different. He said the two-eleven just a moment Hey, cool moment, a moment of happy like gods, chipping away quickly, Britain and downs swing is really life. Double eleven years ago he spent 30 million on the Internet took a large villa, since family life has undergone enormous changes, but always felt something missing. After


   10 months, a baby is born villa has added new life force, W wife in order to prevent tired, but also to be able to get baby better care, he gave in to the city retired parents home to a large garden space, on the outskirts of air or, parents can enjoy their twilight years; and secondly, in their own time can also help everywhere at once under the care of the mother and child. May have just had more than two months, the question becomes, just time to send a small baby burn twice, first I thought only child physical weakness, but every time I see her burned bright red little face, little the huddled in the arms of W, the family will be worried incessantly.

   The doctor said the child to drink water problems. This makes W puzzled, the family has been drinking pure water is the best on the market, unreasonable ah. The doctor explained that ordinary drinking fountains automatic heating function automatically heated when the water temperature is low, but it also caused the water boil again, easy to breed harmful substances tested Moreover, 50% of domestic tap water have failed, and your babys sensitive skin, use this water to soak her milk to drink, it is easy to get sick with fever rash, it is recommended to replace the W at home water purification devices.

   Later W Internet search some data, the results have made him stunned, as Chai Jing said, some children may not have seen the stars, and W and his offspring, may not tasted real good water.Long-term consumption of pure water to remove almost all of the beneficial trace elements and minerals, and trace elements as well as the number of species contained in the mineral water is not suitable for everyone, repeated use of bottled water is more likely to breed fungal infections, bottled PET bottles of drinking water used by the human body is more likely to lead to chronic poisoning, drink Jiubuyongti, but drinking water is indispensable stuff at home, how to do this it?

   hear good buddy said, they have been using home water purifier Patio, baby and family on the big W more than two months, with a drink is imported milk powder, is now able to issue a series of cute Kaka Lo laugh, never been sick . Buddy told W, The Patio water purifier is also a friend, and it has five filter purification devices, particularly out of pure purify water, they drink the whole family at this Patio water purifier production out of the water, W spoke to pour a glass, after entry, W found his own water quality compared with some really different, but can not tell where it has, it seems a little more sweet, like a childs grandmother said, playing up his mouth from foreign wells water.


   No wonder the renovated house, always felt something missing, turned out to be the lack of water for a healthy family protection. W smile, immediately bought a day for the family cat burst models Patio Water Purifier RO-185I in the two-eleven last year. That he was surprised that Patio is actually two-eleven sales crown the whole network platform, that there are so many people of all ages Patio, a friend recommended it seems to be sure.


   And now, to the occasion of the two-eleven a year, this year, the baby never been ill, parents health every day in good health, his wife brilliant smile every day. Ws father said his son bought last year this Patio water purifier value! Clean air and clean water has always been people rely on two basic elements of survival. Patio eighteen years old driver as water purification industry, has always been to the benefit of the national health drinking water for the mission, so that every family can drink the healthier drinking water target, this year, the Patio is the manufacturing, quality control , several major sales, logistics, customer service, etc. to further improve, and strive to give consumers a higher quality of service and experience that will truly healthy water brought before more consumers. Procurement plan


   W submit up in this year, an increase of aItems, the companys drinking water equipment replacement, while the purchase of a certain number of Patio QG-U-1004 ultrafiltration unit, as gifts to customers has long supported the development of the company, to bring more healthy people! Water purification older drivers , aspirations double eleven, Patio water purifier, health you deserve

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