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   After entering 2015, the circle of friends is like a subtle refresh the water purifier, the following derivative, another big maxed hot circle of friends, the emergence of the first sale to advertising shielded from water purifiers after a year after the discovery has far exceeded the number of masking double-digit, finally we found, depicting the development of water purification industry, at least in the development of water purifier business have moved toward a rapid development stage. According to Institute of forward-looking industry, "2017--. 2022 Chinese household water purifier industry market forward planning and investment analysis report" Statistics show that in 2014 China water purifier number of stores to 1532, and by 2016, this figure It has reached 29,967, up more than 15 multiple times.

   a total change in the industry

   2014-2016, the number of Chinese water purifier stores rose from 1532 to 29,967, an average annual growth rate far exceeding even 200%; 2016 , water purifier sales of $ 20.3 billion, of which 16.3 billion yuan online sales, an increase of 37.9%; offline sales of 40.5 billion, an increase of 51.7%;

   from the data analysis point of view, difficult to sum up why everyones circle of friends emerged sale "ads" a lot of water purifier, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of peoples living standards, quality of life rising demand for water quality the increasingly high demand, despite news the past two years the water pollution has decreased, but still there is one objective of social problems. Water is the most important for human life, after people began to have the ability to raise the quality of their water requirements of certain signs began to appear, huge market potential like two hot puff of bread placed in the "long-lost every rain , before hunger forced to pay investors ", plus a small amount of the base body case, two years more than 15 times the growth rate is not difficult to understand. Here we come to a concrete analysis of changes in the national market through specific changes in the areas of water purifier store.

   Second, the region changes

   In 2014, the performance of the specific distribution of the national water purifier for 1532: central China in the first place, is 396; North China, followed by the net water is the number of stores to 337; Southwest minimum number of enterprises, only 68.

   Specific performance is as follows:


   By 2016, the countrys 29,967 water purifier stores specific performance: East China Yiqijuechen to 10,385 the number of stores in first place, far more than other regions number; Central, South, North breakdown of two to four, there were 6019, 4379 and 3734; ranked last in the Northeast, only 1488.


   as a regional top-ranked business by comparing regional distribution point of view within two years, after two years of development, in east China over central China; the number of enterprises in Northeast China more development slowly, the number of companies ranked at the end.

   development without taking into account the natural environment areas, water pollution under mild conditions, in east China have a more significant market saturation, while the Northeast has a significant adverse supply situation. Development of Central China, North China and South China are relatively flat.



Note: Since 2016, companies need to compare the number of units of one hundred

   Overall, began to frantically store expansion, there are always clues can be internal find, from the current market sales of view, if a large-scale layout of the market is more likely to be in the market potential distribution, for investors, the market appears to blood loss layout probably be regarded as "plan and then move" will Qianjun Kazuma put on the battlefield, just waiting for the market potential outbreak of the moment, all burst out business opportunities "Clean Sweep."

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