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  Core Tip: [hyperlink] net water purifier First we look, we drink water from where. Intake of water sources in accordance with the principle of proximity, comes from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater. These

   [hyperlink] net water purifier First we look, we drink water from where. Intake of water sources in accordance with the principle of proximity, comes from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater. After the water is taken into the water purification process started, after precipitation, adsorption, filtration and other complex processes, factory plus chlorine disinfection. This process has been quite strict national standards, comparable with European and American countries.

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   because of differences around the country, different water sources, was sent to the people at home are not the same tap water from water quality, hardness, etc., which are understandable. However, water from the treated water is not directly to the people will be able to head home, but also a process of delivery. The problem arises in the pipeline transported. Many parts of the pipeline was laid in the last century after the founding, when the technology is backward, it is easy to rust corrosion pipeline, leading to water during transport and was once contaminated.

   When the water must be pressurized, water can be delivered to millions of households, the average cottage or low-rise buildings are no problem, but the high-level users will encounter not enough water pressure situation, which requires secondary residential property pressurized secondary water supply. The new real estate is through the downstairs plus water pump to the water supply, but the area is a little old reservoir through the roof of the water supply, which involves the management of the reservoir roof, mismanagement, then appeared dead rat reservoir , cockroaches and so is not possible, think about all feel sick, and every day you open the faucet is likely that such water. Charnel case appeared a few years ago, the murderer is hiding the corpse into the reservoir, think about all that horror.

   First, the choice of products before installing whole-house water purification systems to choose more services

   Now brand water purification products on the market and everywhere gem, publicity also full of tricks. If you buy when no water purification walk around in the market, the product "squandering For beautiful eyes," do not say, all kinds of marketing tools also makes it difficult to true and false.

   1, the saying goes: seven-third of products and services, purchase whole house water purification equipment, when not only look at the quality of products, but also how after-sales service. Such as whether the packageHome delivery, design, installation and maintenance, were all should pay attention to.

   2, to believe that a sub-price goods, high-quality products and brands due to the meticulous production materials, production processes, standardized production, more complex in production, so prices generally than other vendors products prices It is higher, but the quality is more assured.

   3, it is necessary to pay attention to prices should also consider the maintenance cost. In the whole house water purification equipment purchase process, when asked about the quality, very often salespeople will emphasize production of patented neglect and maintenance costs.

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   Second, before installing whole-house water purification systems to advance understanding of local water

   a lot of differences in water quality in various regions, different water quality or pollution levels different, we must use different water purification equipment.

   factors that affect local water quality there are many, such as the level of water treatment plants, water pipes produce secondary pollution, the local industrial layout and so the case will have an impact on water quality. The whole house water purification system installed Water purification equipment used correctly, can not help to ensure the quality of clean water, but also to extend the cycle of the water purifier.

   Third, in order to save costs not "cut corners"

   Complete whole house water purification system comprising: a prefilter, central water purifier, central water softener and end drink straight. Some families may be in order to save costs and reduce the central water softener, I think small and its role, no installation necessary. In fact, this approach is wrong, central water softener function to remove calcium and magnesium ions, so that hard water becomes soft water, thereby reducing fouling and extend the life cycle wading equipment, only use a complete set of whole house water purification system, can really drinking water and water for home security worries.

   whole house water purification customized to achieve efficient purification of household water all terminals, to meet the family to drink, eat, wash, bath and other domestic water demand higher quality.

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