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   Third Guangzhou International Health Exhibition and hydrogen product [referred: HWE hydrogen Canton Fair] on September 16 down the curtain at the Canton Fair Area C! Zhejiang Quan Su hydrogen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as the exclusive title units of this exhibition, Ms. Lv Dongju chairman was invited to attend the opening ceremony and made an opening speech.


   live interactive booth design ingenuity packed


   prime hydrogen Springs huge exhibition area of 鈥嬧€?25 square meters with an unprecedented become located pavilion of the most beautiful landscape. The eye is LED electronic screen on the stand, the following packed audience area. Then prototyping door two prime hydrogen bottle of spring, so that everyone on hydrogen Quan Su flagship product at a glance. The core area of 鈥嬧€媡he most innovative ideas, the prime hydrogen Springs logo made of words Showcase products will not only prime hydrogen spring characteristic performance of the head, but also bring exquisite visual feast for the products visitors!


   tour leader Museum tour guide called the largest hydrogen enterprises

   Wise people to mercantile gathered. After the opening ceremony, Yu Yong, general manager of Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (second from right) and General in Guangzhou International Health Exhibition hydrogen product and project leader Ma Yuzhu (second from left), accompanied by representatives of the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Guangzhou watt letter Rankin Pakistan for Sheng (fourth from left) and Deputy Consul-General of Thailand in Guangzhou Liu Desheng (third from left) two leaders came to the consulate prime hydrogen Springs booth Hall patrol inspections, on-site tasting healthy water springs prime hydrogen, and hydrogen Quan Su drink packaging water highly.


   the exhibition, Lu Dong said in an interview: prime hydrogen Springs Currently the company has opened more than a dozen provincial branch in the country, dozens of shop experience. Quan Su hydrogen products throughout the areas north, east, north, central and other regions, called the domestic enterprises in the hydrogen largest of the industrys leading brands.

   company in Fujian Province Quan Su hydrogen 5A level Baiyun Mountain World Geopark --- built 22,000 square meters of packaged drinking water; the same year, in Zhejiang Yong Kang Jiancheng hydrogen industrial base, covers an area of 鈥嬧€?4,000 square meters ; of the eight core water Meizhou water, Guizhou waterworks was completed in 2018, is expanding in other water ..... current prime hydrogen Springs company has a hydrogen molecule products into the Chinese marketField, with the rise of the worlds hydrogen industry, relying on leading technology and talent internationally, the prime hydrogen Springs to fight high-tech international level hydrogen industrial brand.


   a variety of healthy new building Qi listed rage Gospel

   this year, the biggest highlight of the spring element hydrogen is set in the exhibition "show + experience" new interactive presentation form. After the wonderful display and interactive experience to the scene bursting with popularity, the audience listened carefully to explain in front of the auditorium, he moved immediately be hydrogen Quan Su experience a great product ---- Quan Su hydrogen hydrogen water machine. The hydrogen and water machine is an excellent place other water machine product that can instantly produce hydrogen system, continuous uninterrupted supply without having to wait for the whole family or office together, and are not required to set-top special water, out of the box.


   High Hydrogen dissolved water permeability of the oral absorption of direct gastrointestinal tract, may also be absorbed through skin pores reach the skin deep, quick to add molecular hydrogen in the active choice and malignant free radicals, enjoy the antioxidant effect. More drink, wash your face, apply face, skin moisturizing spray, wash the fruit first-class super antioxidant diversification of application mode.


   also introduced a series of new life forms charger booth, then explore the "hydrogen" health concept tailored entirely new market segment, you can enjoy the perfect realization of Palestinian homes Ma Changshou village of healthy air. Quan Su hydrogen life forms charger using the worlds cutting-edge technology to boost living field of hydrogen and negatively charged anions generated single-stage technology. Through life field energy charger release activation energy field of the body. This new product is the pursuit of modern family home feng shui good choice, greatly enhance the quality of life of families, and for chronic metabolic diseases and seriously ill patients, will greatly alleviate the acute and chronic state of decline due to the Earths energy field environment caused by human the gospel of health.


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   the fourth Guangzhou International Health Exhibition and hydrogen products

   August 30, 2019 - October 1 day.

   Advisory: Miss Liu 020-84120550

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