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   installation of reverse osmosis water and filter replacement procedure Published: at 00:02 on August 13, 2016 Hits: 8

   Automatic reverse osmosis water machine is a microcomputer automatic control efficient processing terminal water facility, easy to install. When you install the machine for the user or later, in order to ensure the quality of the installation, the installation is generally in the following sequence: 鈫?RO membrane fiber filter mounting precision activated carbon filter 鈫?鈫?鈫?fiber filter mounted punch host 鈫?鈫?鈫?mounted into the main valve closed installation water through water three-way 鈫?water 鈫?water 鈫?fiber filter through to test for leaks 鈫?water storage tank mounted on the ball valve faucet 鈫?鈫?gooseneck gooseneck faucet to rear outlet pipe carbon ratio to a sink waste pipe 鈫?鈫?after active carbon tube distal 鈫?oN 鈫?water quality detection system power supply and stable quality compliance 鈫?鈫?鈫?tube connecting the outer tank ball drainage of water 鈫?鈫?鈫?and then complete the installation of water. Kitchen installation under water

   1, mounted RO RO membrane film packaging film is removed, the housing cover at the remove water RO membrane, an RO membrane unscrew the cover, will be inserted into one of the two rubber seals the spigot in the RO membrane housing, turning it into the bottom. The membrane shell first end cap seal ring to move the RO membrane shell housing at the threaded spigot, the manual force screwed to the housing cover, fitted with pipes, tighten.

   Check elbow end cap is loose, such as loose, remove it, winding the raw material with 2-3 ring, which as it is screwed on again.

   Special Note: RO membrane before opening the packaging should wash your hands, the installation process should keep hands clean and not pollute the RO membrane. While the

   2, remove the plastic packaging film cartridge installation will sequentially fiber filter, activated carbon filter particles and fiber filter with a double seal cap is inserted into the interface was filtered off. The O-type apron wiping it on the filter flask circumferentially white petrolatum, when the spin-on filter flask and hand tighten, use special wrench during tightening force should be uniform and should not be too large.

   3, fixed host 1. Wall mounted: two playing the selected mounting location diameter of 8 mm hole. Plastic expansion bolt placed onboard, turning the screws, the screws and tighten hang host. .

   is mounted inside the cabinet 2: can be fixed without puncturing, to choose the right position of the discharge stability. Whether mounted on the wall or in a cabinet securityEquipment, should be considered in the future filter replacement and maintenance convenience. Especially when mounting the cabinet, the water should be outside the machine in the cabinet mounting operation. .

   3 gooseneck faucet mounted Preparation: at the customer selected position. The gooseneck faucet to be installed in the kitchen countertop conditioning should drill a 12 mm diameter hole in the conditioning table. The gooseneck faucet installed on a wall, to be at selected locations on the drill press stand two pitch diameter of 6-8 mm holes, into the plastic expansion bolt, self-tapping screws to secure the bracket to the wall , then sequentially mounting gooseneck faucet.

   When puncturing marble countertop, use special drill bit, positioned by the positioning plate. When the punch holes in imitation marble (synthetic material), use ordinary twist drill. These two were perforated using ordinary hand drill, impact drill must not use.

   Storage tank 4 is mounted on the ball valve: the threads wrapped around the storage tank 6 to 8 ring seal tape, is screwed into the ball and then tighten the manual force on the ball valve. The storage tank is disposed to the appropriate placement. .

   5 gooseneck faucet installation: installing gooseneck faucet, soft enlarged top ring, the bottom ring are sequentially put a small soft, hard plastic clips, metal gasket, and then tighten the nut.

   6. When mounted on the pipe water machine, to be placed at the ends of the tube plug to prevent leakage.

   4, the connecting pipe member 1. Water water pipe, closing the main valve chamber. Installation tees and water through inlet (random with) water at a user-selected position, the rear mounting part water. The three parts of the sealing tape to be used, to prevent leakage.

   2. The nut on the interfaces at the host machine are marked on the pipe connecting member name, the installation should be understood in advance. The pipe carrying water for 5 meters, the user should take into account the length of the sections is preferable to use water tubes, each tube end portion abutting the cut should be aligned.

   3 through the water - fiber filter filter cap tube. Through inlet: inlet valve adapter spin nut, the nut is inserted into the pipe, the pipe is inserted (to be inserted in the end) on the inlet through the outlet, and then tighten the nut, through the water in the closed position. The other end is connected to the upper end of the filter cap fiber filter (all pipe ends should be used randomly with a plug, to a tube inserted in the end, in order to tighten the plastic nut hand power).

   Test water for the water passing all parts areLeakage (main valve opening, the switch is opened rear water, sewage discharge, switching off the rear water until the water is clear, open the inlet through to test

   4 gooseneck faucet - after active carbon outlet gooseneck faucet water: the interface to use dedicated random tight fixing nut: the pipe into a nut, and then inserted into the sealing water pipes and plastic rubber ring is exposed 1-2 cm, the pipe inserted into the lower gooseneck faucet, .. then screwed firmly fixed nut (moderate force to tighten a wrench)

   after the active carbon outlet 5: mounting pipe connection according to the general

   wastewater than 6 -. the water tank: the ratio of waste water according to the general installation tube connection to another end users sewer (the concentration of water to another container may be washed with water as a general)

   7 post... activated carbon distal links - the outer tank ball water: here the installation according to the general pipe connections generally, water can be temporarily connected to the ball at the outer tank, after the water quality test to be done connecting

   [. 123] debug enable the RO water machine 1, after the installation is complete, opening the ball valve faucet plating pipe line, the recoil off valve, the ball valve is opened and the pressure tank.

   2, the transformer-line plug into a power outlet, At this time the pump starts, water machine start of water

   3, drainage discharge check First: when system water, pure water filtered into the pressure tank, on the other hand, the beginning of a reverse osmosis membrane tube wastewater is discharged through the drainage conduit opens recoil proportional valve, check whether there is more to be closed before the beginning of drainage discharge

   4, again automatically start and stop: water system requires a longer time (about 90 to 120 minutes), the pressure to fill the tub in order to quickly ascertain the operation, 5 minutes off ball pressure tank, then the line pressure increases to a certain value (about 3.5kb / cm2), high pressure switching off the high pressure pump should be stopped. gooseneck leading water and then open, the high pressure pump should start operation automatically. thus the operation repeated several times, to check whether the high-pressure pump is started and stopped automatically. after confirming normal operation, the ball valve to open the pressure tank. [ 123]

   5, low-voltage switching operation of the test: the plating ball water pipe line is off, the preset anhydrous or dry state, the low pressure switch shall automatically stop operation of the high-pressure pump, a high pressure pump to prevent dry idle damaged. testAfter normal operation, the ball valve and then open the water supply pipe line plating.

   6, again with water does not automatically stop, there should be no water flows out from the beginning of the drainage discharge tube: 5 to 10 minutes after the test operation, the ball valve closed pressure tank, the high-pressure pump stops automatically check drainage water from the beginning of the discharge pipe continuously kept flowing. If the outflow of the case, represents four defective valve or check valve should be replaced or troubleshooting.

   7, and the joint checked for leaks takeover: the commissioning operation, start and stop automatically after all parts and components, the joint is leaking.

   8. Check the water quality: after all the work, so that high-pressure pump operation with water, check the gooseneck faucet turn on the water if the water quality up to standard. After installation and commissioning, let machine run for about ten minutes, open gooseneck faucet to let the water run off completely early creatures (let pressure tank is cleaned), then close the gooseneck faucet. At this point, you can feel free to enjoy every day of pure sweet drinking water.

   Step filter replacement

   The method of replacing the process cartridge front three generally have water overflow basin Please wait a preliminary cleaning appliances or towel. a) Turn off the ball valves and the pressure barrel plating ball; b) gooseneck faucet open to residual water emptying duct; c) until the water is no longer flowing, with a filter housing with filter cartridge filter wrench housing opening; D) remove the old filter charged with the specifications of the new filter; E) above the filter housing black "O" ring, coated with a lubricant such as Vaseline, then the "O" ring into the recess in the filter housing Inside. f) a vertical manner, screwed filter housing, try to avoid "O" ring shift. g) opening the ball valve and the pressure tank plating ball.

   procedure to replace the RO membranes and precautions in this process there is usually water overflow, please ready basin and other cleaning utensils or towels. When you buy a new water purifier, a reverse osmosis membrane typically has charged reverse osmosis membrane tubes. Use for some time, when you need to replace the reverse osmosis membrane, you can ask professionals at your service or replaceable in accordance with the following procedures: preparation tools: wrenches, pliers, buckets, scissors or a knife. Note: During the installation / facelift, we should try to avoid pulling other pipelines, in order to avoid leaks.

   Step 1 facelift, electroplating off valve, wait ten minutes. (The system pressure) 2, or hand tool to unscrew the nut joint right membrane shell, pull out the hose. 3, the face of the machine, withRotary hand tight film housing to the right hand turn on the trailing end of the lid hard. (If the activated carbon filter above the post tube interfere with the operation of a reverse osmosis membrane of this step, it may be slightly displaced or removed whole, if the entire pull, is open for an extra line.) 4, closing the pressure barrel ball valves, or hand tool to unscrew the nut which is above the joint and a hollow barrel or introduced into water washing bath. 5, a tight reverse osmosis membrane with a left hand supporting tube, and then the old pliers reverse osmosis membrane, which is firmly pull the outer membrane shell. 6, a new envelope open reverse osmosis membrane, to remove it. 7, the reverse osmosis membrane from an unopened tube inserted into the reverse osmosis membrane, small black until the end of two "O" type top ring to the bottom of the shell until the film. 8, in order to turn on the same posture of the cover film, the cover film will tighten. 9, if necessary, in a clockwise (locking) direction, so that the joint directed backwards adjustment machine. 10, into the water, and tighten the connector nut. (Remember do not forget to put plug). 11, the ball valve is opened plating. 12, let the machine run more than two hours, allowing the system to enter the normal state after fresh water, and then the water pressure barrel ball valve and open the pressure barrel ball valve.

   We hope these words can give you increase knowledge, so that you can in life to learn more knowledge of the water purifier, make your life better. This charm is still the masses wish good health and good luck.

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