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  What water purifier to join the agency should pay attention to?

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

   2020-04-08 Source: Original Springs to


how much spring water purifier franchise as one of the top ten brands of water purifiers, water purifiers have? the industrys high standards of quality control system, improve product architecture and high-end brand image in the country sought after by consumers and investors. Here we look to spring the marketing model of how to join the reality 0, 0 risk.


a, 0 join 0 risk


1,0 to join the


spring to "0 initial fee +0 margin" investment model is already quite mature, original provinces set up operations center radiation throughout the area of 鈥嬧€媡he new model.


2,0 risks


spring to cooperation model can be combined with franchisees own conditions, selective stationed at building materials stores, appliance stores, shop in shop mode and other cooperative ventures, and cooperation for customers commitment for three months to help agents quickly return to this, and to guide the agents carried out most of the ground combat promotion in the local market, sellers can continue to build, sustainable and profitable marketing model ground!


Second, the decoration support, free training


1, the decoration support


the image of the shop often reflect a brand of quality, the company offers free spring unified store image design, store decoration unified specifications, using standardized VI recognition system to highlight the brand image, Bing gives franchisees a high standard of decoration reimbursement.


3, free training


springs from its brand creation has been attached great importance to the training of agents to support franchisees at all levels of training and learning. Chuen goal: to make all franchisees within one year of growth for the water industry elite in six months. When


Third, material support, advertising support


1, to send promotional material


spring to join the agency, opened in storesDo activities used in tents, folding, pictures, X-Chin, cups and other marketing materials provided with springs.


3, to send ad-supported


as quickly assist local agencies in the operation of local water purification market and brand promotion fast, headquartered in addition to providing the markets most competitive marketing mode and outside, and provide a full range of advertising support, including local news media publicity and television coverage.


water purifier to join joined 0 0 risk is so simple, warm welcome to our water purifier manufacturers to join the investor field trips.

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