Water purifier new national standard control -than waste-
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   into the home water purifier is not new, but for consumers, "water efficiency" or some strange. The State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued a "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit value" determined will be officially implemented in November this year, as the water purification industrys first mandatory standards for consumer after choose to buy reverse osmosis water purifier to provide a unified reference.


   brand as much no choice Products "not meeting board"

   The past two years, consumer upgrades allow people to use on the "basic necessities" commodity standards more stringent. For every household installed water purifiers, consumers are now also more inclined to choose a higher degree of safety reverse osmosis water purifier. However, the online search for "water purifier", one after another appear on the page, consumers are faced with an array of brand water purifier market in question show: "? Water purifier which brand is good" "water purifiers top ten rankings "" how to choose a water purifier "...... except I do not know how to choose products other than the face of the commodity business description unworthy of the name, but also allow consumers Mozhe.

   a well-known reporter in the domestic electronic business platform found that the average price is maintained at 1000-2000 yuan price of water purifier, the best-selling. However, many businesses in the introduction to the product features, but there are some tricky. Reporters found that the vast majority of businesses introduce themselves reverse osmosis water purifier, for "wastewater than" The presentation is "1: 1" or "1: 2", but according to friends reflect the comments section of these product "than waste water" is not like the merchant said, actually have reached a "1: 3," that every purify a glass of pure water, it will have three cups of undrinkable of "waste."

   According to statistics, the net rate of waste water purifier market is lower than the 1: 1 of the following products, accounting for more than 65% of the total market; the market rate of 40% net of wastewater per cent of water purifiers, even reach 1: 3, and the net rate of waste water can reach 3: 1 product of just 2%. Clearly, from the point of view of cost and environmental point of view, we are far from a reassuring choice of consumption.

   The new national standard setting water efficiency Forced red water purification technological innovations

   In order to solve the water purification industry snake mixed fish market chaos, taking into account water and energy conservation from the perspective of last year, In November, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, national standards Commission issued "reverse osmosis water purifierWater efficiency and water efficiency rating limit "the new national standard, and will be officially implemented in November 2018. Emergence of new national standard will not only make the water purifier market with a set of stringent water management system, more consumers buy water purifier concern "than waste", that is, water purifiers and made a need for business productivity the red line must be followed.

   In fact, the "waste than" this statement is only in the past businesses in order to sell products, one of the initiative to introduce consumers to the selling point. With the introduction of the subject of the new country, than the "waste than the" more accurate this statement is "clean water productivity", will be one of each brand must be stuck on the product logo prominently. Unlike in the past, the new national standard for water efficiency into five levels, from level 1 to 5 corresponding to the water limited values 鈥嬧€媤ere 60%, 55%, 50%, 45% and 35%. As a rule, lower than fifth grade, water productivity is less than 35% of the reverse osmosis water purifier, banning the production and sales.

   According to estimates of the relevant departments, came to power after the implementation of the new national standard, the market will eliminate at least three percent of the high-water products, water-saving six billion tons per year, greatly improving the utilization of water resources in this area. At the same time, in order to achieve the production and sales of the red line, the pursuit of higher quality products, the future companies will have the product upgrading and transformation, promote product quality throughout the industry more complete and standardized.

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