Water purifier brand promotion summlook, oword of mouth chan
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   Summer is the peak season water purifier sales, markdowns appliance brand has always been the modus operandi. Big promotion in summer, or blindly to low-cost-based competition, or take other long-term marketing, brand water purifier future is to win the market through promotions, channels or the quality of it?


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   promotion is only one way

   Insiders pointed out that low-cost promotion is a way, is not the ultimate goal, low-cost promotion is to quickly deal. But promotional eventually need to be based on product quality. At present, many brands in order to quickly promote and enhance visibility, a high price low sales are often seen. And also to the water purifier aftermarket industry reputation with no small negative impact. After

   summer, water purifier is still the same price remained stable over time, a slight increase. Products in filtering accuracy, functional development, with a total net amount of water also need to invest major efforts of manufacturers, plus the guidance of the industry, these costs accumulate, water purifier prices still steadily.

   miss summer water purifier price promotions, not necessarily a bad thing. Rational optional water filter, the filter needs to know the accuracy of the water purifier, the role of performance parameters.

   Heavy quality of the road in order to go more distant

   product quality is the life of a business, is also an important factor in consumer psychology caught. Companies want bigger and stronger, we must take the road of quality will finally get consumer recognition.

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