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  Water purifier redefine "drinking age" Author: purifier Views: 382 Published: 2017-11-27 10:23:23 drinking water problem is our peoples livelihood. But there are still millions of people, with no clean water to drink. 3000 million people drink water with high hardness, with 50 million people drink high-fluorine water. Long-term drinking unclean water, causing physical deterioration. You can not change the water filter drinking water, but can assure our taps when the pollution under control in the water. Bottled water is safer than many household water purifiers and drinking water companies, many of bottled water, bottled water and therefore occupy the mainstream market, according to data indicate that in recent years, the bottled water industrys growth rate 40% to 50%. However, due to the lower threshold of the bottled water industry needs, there is a lot of flooding the market with fake black bottle of water, resulting in people began to bottled water hygiene and safety concerns. Bottled water, there is a certain production date, many users continue to be consumed in drinking water than the production date Shihai, a great impact on the body. The user is not using drinking fountains for regular cleaning, which is very likely a large number of residual bacteria harmful substances, even though the water quality of bottled water are no problem, flows through such dirty drinking can also cause secondary pollution, drinking is also bad for your health. For all kinds of problems bottled water, home appliance industry veterans who are said that "water purifier safer than bottled water." Cost cheaper than bottled water purifier using a water purifier using bottled water is more than cheap, used the water purifier user will find bottled water if the use in all aspects of life, will be a month down It is not a small expenditure, and the cost of using a water purifier drinking bottled water is more than the annual cost-effective. So we can see domestic water appliance is being used by "drink" Time to "net" era. Our water purifier industry as a sunrise industry, is rapidly growing.

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