We need to understand the importancof water electrolysis pla
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is the electrolysis of water in the cell electrode plate, the electrode plate quality will directly affect the quality of the electrolysis of water. Some non-electrolysis of water brands, there has been shoddy strange question, just to electrolysis of water costs a little lower prices, but ignore the importance of the electrode plate for electrolysis of water, the quality is not good if the electrode plate, the result could be even corrosion perforation, and then we drink the water again into the body through which the corrosion of the cell, just the whole people do not want to feel better.


Materials and manufacturing process determines the life of the electrode plate, also determines which elements may be released from the electrode during the electrolysis plates ultrafine quantity of water to the electrolytic reduction. If some non-electrolysis of water brands for the sake of cheap and used inferior materials, it is likely to release harmful ingredients, unknowingly drink inside his stomach did not know. Therefore, the choice of electrolysis of water, it should pay attention to choose the electrolysis of water brands, protect their rights and interests.


Today, the electrolysis of water generally electrolytic plate platinum alloy, platinum alloy used is a titanium alloy production process, the sheet material is added at the time of refining a certain amount of the platinum component than some general platinum iridium, titanium electrode plates electrolytic performance is more stable ruthenium alloy, platinum alloy electrolyzer 80% sulfuric acid after 24 hours of soaking, still normal electrolysis, which is a non-platinum-iridium titanium Some common brand electrolysis of water used, ruthenium alloy electrode plates can not match.



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