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   Midea, Little Swan current market value was 267.78 billion yuan and 29.411 billion yuan, a total of nearly 300 billion yuan; the two merge, the market value of the US group will help accelerate across the 300 billion mark. ]

   growth in the downstream market of 2018, the acquisition of home appliance giant wheel did not stop.

   the evening of October 23, Midea Group (000333.SZ) announced a merger plan Little Swan (000418.SZ), the transaction amounted to 14.383 billion yuan; September 28 a month ago, Qingdao Haier (600690.SH) announced the proposed acquisition of the Italian Candy 100% of the shares to 475 million euros, an overseas wholly-owned subsidiary; the end of August this year, Hisense Group completed the acquisition of Slovenian company Gorenje white, holding 95% of the latter equity; and though there have been news that the Gree Electric Appliance (000651.SZ) has acquired the crystal Philip refrigerator, although not yet officially listed company announcement.



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   These appliances giant this year have showed a more ambitious goal. US founder He Xiangjian revealed last week that the next goal is a US group revenue and market capitalization reached 500 billion yuan; this year, Dong Mingzhu also "pressed the accelerator key," Gree revenue impact of the proposed 200 billion yuan this year, 2023 Impact 6000 billion; Hisense Group intends to impact 300 billion in 2025; Haier Group president Zhou Yunjie have mentioned, the Haier Group in 2018 will build two Fortune 500 companies.

   At present, Chinas home appliance industry "hundreds of billions Club" has six members, Midea Group, Haier, Gree, TCL Group, Hisense Group and Changhong Group. These giants from one hundred billion competition to impact hundreds of billions across the level of competition, like those martial arts master in the past competition in the hillside, on top of the mountain is now ready for a new round of "Huashan Mountain."

   The large-scale mergers and acquisitions, it is an important means to further enlarge them stronger. Like Midea Group, Little Swan current market value was 267.78 billion yuan and 29.411 billion yuan, a total of nearly 300 billion yuan; Midea Group 2017 total revenues of 241.9 billion yuan, 143.7 billion yuan for the first half of 2018, Little Swan 2017Annual revenues of 21.385 billion yuan, 12.057 billion yuan for the first half of 2018. Both the merger will help the US group revenue, market capitalization of 300 billion to accelerate across the mark.

   These acquisitions also conform to the intelligent, the international trend of the industry. Before, Little Swan Group Holdings is the beauty of the washing machine business platform, but is limited to a single category of the original business model, it is difficult to grow in the future smart home alone, but also difficult to achieve economies of scale in future international competition.

   before the Haier Group has acquired Sanyo Electric washing machine and refrigerator business in Japan and Southeast Asia, the new Xi Lanfei Paykel, GE appliances, this "gain another victory," the Italian Candy also into her arms is its perfect layout of the global market in Europe up important step in chess. After the acquisition, Haier will be the European headquarters in Italy Bruce Ji Liao. Liang Haishan, chairman of Haier, said the era of things, Candy traditional network technology used in home appliances, Haiers strategy coincides with the brands future joint development of globalization.

   through continuous mergers and acquisitions, these appliances are transformed into a giant diversified, integrated group.

   Gree has passed its acquisition of the countrys total agents Shengshi Heng Hing Hong Jings refrigerator, the refrigerator will increase business Gree. The author recently at the 124th Session of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) see, crystal Philip refrigerator has appeared in Gree exhibition. According to the plan of Dong Mingzhu, Gree will become a global diversified industrial group. Gree rival the United States, acquired two years ago Germany Kuka, also quickly established superiority in the field of robotics, the future will transition to cover HVAC, home appliances, robotics and automation, intelligent logistics multinational technology group.

   in the future, mergers and acquisitions giants will not stop. Eventually, these will become Chinas home appliance giant, "national team", sailing around the world with multinational giants "breaking the wrist." October 24, Qingdao Haier D shares officially listed and traded achieve, to become Central Europes first D D-share market shares through access to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Qingdao Haier hopes to use in Germany on the market to raise global awareness and support business strategy and global deployment, especially in the further expansion of the European consumer electronics market.

   Comparative global multinational giants such as Samsung, Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises from "hundreds of billions Corps" to impactHundreds of billions of goal, only a stage. When they climb to the top, "Mountain", "swordfight" After that, there is a higher mountain waiting for them. So, compared to the "extension" type of M & A expansion, through technical innovation, efficiency gains for growth "endogenous", the same can not be ignored, so as to go higher, farther and more stable.

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