Pressure tank water purifier industry has developed rapidly
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   First, the pressure tank development survey

   The first pressure tank is coming from Taiwan. Iron used to date, on which the barrel is wrapped in a layer of metal plastic, because the iron rust, complicated process, high cost, manufacturing rejection rate is too high, the late pressure of the plastic tub. Now the mainstream market pressure tank is plastic bucket.


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   the worlds largest producer of pressure barrel is China, China is also the worlds largest water purifier market. Pressure drums major production layout mainly concentrated in Chinas Zhejiang and Taiwan. Taiwan is the birthplace of water purifier, Zhejiang, China is the main source of water purifiers, so the main supporting large manufacturers are concentrated in these two places.

   Now the water purification industry is developing very rapidly, many large international companies to enter the industry, Haier, Gree and so on. So the next three years the entire water purification industry will be rapid development, pressure drums industry will be very developed.

   Second, the Chinese pressure tank industry environment analysis

   2015 innovations have a lot of pressure tank, appeared on the market is a lot of new pressure tank, pressure tank can be cleaned for example, can be replaced pressure tank liner, transparent pressure tank, pressure tank with safety valve, pneumatic pressure drums and so on. The main function of

   pressure barrels of water storage is regulated, but with the development of the market is gradually exposed some shortcomings, many users now use the concept of pressure on the barrel also defines permanent use accessories. First proposed the pressure barrel grass industry standard, there are clearly defined, recommends that customers 2 years to replace water storage pressure barrel. More than two years because of the use of pressure drums, antibacterial activity will decline, the use of more than 2 years or 2 years of pressure barrel may cause secondary pollution pure water.

   can be cleaned and replace a pressure barrel liner is to solve the problem of secondary pollution of the pressure tank, but these manufacturers ignore a problem, as the time becomes longer, the degree of degradation of plastics , as well as its own plastic antibacterial activity will decline, can be cleaned with a change of secondary pollution bladder pressure tank can not completely solve the long-term use, the pressure tank belonging replaceable parts, replacement of the pressure barrel after only two years before effectively solve the problem of secondary pollution.

   transparent barrel main purpose is to allow customers to see the situation barrel, but only so-called secondary pollution increase in the number of colonies, meatSeeing no, the colonies will increase the rate of proliferation than tap water good index colonies on a few times. Transparent and translucent barrel easily, resulting in increased algal material. With the development of the market and competition, appeared on the market low quality of products, leading to unstable water machine, water system prone to the phenomenon of non-stop, non-stop once the phenomenon, easily lead to membrane shell and pressure tank burst. Pressure tank with safety valve can effectively solve this problem, when the barrel pressure is too high, open the safety valve, automatic drainage relief.

   direction of future development pressure barrel, should be toward the high-capacity storage, high bacteria royal liner, pressure relief safety valve function trend of development.

   Third, the pressure tank technology industry analysis

   Now many companies are still using hot plate welding, labor-intensive very high. Yizheng been friction welded using vibration Germany, Spain detection line.

   technical difficulties Plastic pressure tank is welding technology, welding technology is not in place easily lead to poor welding, appear split blasting.

   the next three years, the Royal bacteria pressure tank liner technology, welding technology, and even explosion-proof technology will be reflected in the new generation of the pressure tank, pressure tank also has a new generation of really effectively solve this kind of problem .

   mainly used in Europe and America drums, plastic pressure barrel price is very high, very exquisite workmanship, pressure drums Chinese mainlands main existing cost-effective to go this one, can not do the kind of fine European and American pressure drums degree. Mainly due to the market decide, the Chinese market can not afford such a high price pressure tank.

   now appeared on the market a lot of great flux no barrel machine, no there are several drawbacks barrels RO machine, to break it down now!

   First winter flux small. Second, unstable water quality, waste water flux ratio is 2: 1, very large waste water affected by temperature than the relationship. The third is shut down for some time before turning on power, pure water TDS value will be higher. Fourth, the increased number of starting the machine, frequent start for the life of high voltage damage to the switch, solenoid valves, motors and pumps and other machines for RO membranes is fatal. Five is too frequent start is bound to cause more water hammer phenomenon to the pipeline. This connector routed by pipeline through the water purifier is also a test, potentially increasing the chance of joint and pipeline leaks. Sixth, after-sales costs are very high, despite the elimination of pressure drums, but the cost of a large flux of the membraneCosts and other pieces of hydropower is much higher than has barrels RO machine, cost orientation is a chicken.

   In short, no barrel RO machine needs to be market test.

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