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   HC net water purifier water purifier filter water purifier can be said to be the "heart", water purification the water filter cartridge of different purposes, the type of filter used is also different, which is good home water purifier filter

   method / step 1:

   a good water purifier filter - activated carbon filter?

   replacement: year change; use: beverages, drinking water treatment, cosmetics, chemical and biological water treatment industry.

   are two main activated carbon filter: compression type activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter bulk. The activated carbon particles are mainly required filter into a special plastic housing, with a welding device welding the end cap end of the housing, and then using a method of the nonwoven fabric filter sheet is a filter. This filter is a straining water filter, adsorption by activated carbon to remove odors in water, organic chemicals and the like.

   Method / Step 2:

   What purifier filter cartridge good -PP

   Replacement: 3-6 months / transducer; Use: household water purification, industrial water , alcoholic beverage filters, purifiers and other equipment

   PP meltblown filter is non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, after heating and melting, spinning, drawing, and forming the tubular filter element made of acceptance, It has high filtration precision, large flow rate, small volume, high pressure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. It can be configured to cover different types of connectors to meet the needs of various engineering installation.

   Method / Step 3:

   What purifier cartridge good - ceramic filters

   Replacement: December 6 a / transducer; Use: mineral water purification, sterilization and medical , the electronics industry, sterile water, sterile water, highly pure water was prepared, and chemical industries wading, use can be washed repeatedly.

   are novel ceramic filter Green filter using diatomaceous earth clay as a raw material, prepared by the use of special techniques. The average pore size of only 0.1渭m, inhibit bacterial and germicidal effect, may retain trace elements in water, is economical and environmentally friendly water filtration material.

   Method / Step 4:

   What purifier cartridge hollow good -UFUltrafiltration filter

   Replacement: 3 years or more; Use: household water.

   The hollow fiber membrane is an ultrafiltration membrane, the ultrafiltration process is generally understood to be associated with the screening process of the membrane pore size. A pressure difference across the membrane as the driving force to membrane filter media, at a certain pressure, when the water flows through the membrane surface, allowing only water and smaller than the membrane pore size by small molecules, to purify the solution , separation, and concentration purposes. In the home water treatment, mineral elements in addition to the filtered water may be extremely fine impurities, colloid, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, trace water retention. With activated carbon water treatment technology, is the ideal home water treatment.

   Method / Step 5:

   What purifier cartridge good reverse osmosis membrane cartridge -RO

   Replacement: about 3 years; Use: kitchen or bathroom

   [123 ] RO RO filter cartridge having a superior effect, since the pore size of the RO membrane is a hair five millionths (0.0001 microns), generally can not see them, bacteria, viruses, it is 5000 times, and therefore, it water can completely remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, inorganic salts, pesticides, trihalomethane and organic chemical carcinogen, only water molecules and some minerals beneficial to human body through the ion. It is beneficial to human health filter, known as in vitro high-tech artificial kidney.


   water purifier filter what good, small series can not give a definite answer, but the above analysis point of view, RO reverse osmosis membrane filter cartridge in effect at all is the best.

   different degrees of water pollution and the users needs in each region, one of the filter can be selected according to their needs.

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