Water purification industry needs the -misplaced marketing-
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  Water purification industry needs the "misplaced marketing" to break the homogenization of competition: Tim net water purification Views: 406 Published: 2018-1-18 10:02:01 10 water purifiers have eight looks like water purification an industry, not only product homogeneity serious, and even business models are invariably the same. Each water purifier business, should explore new growth model, marketing model. Focus on the highlights of their functional differences in order to break the bottleneck of enterprise development experience, we found that the dislocation of marketing a new concept is gradually surfaced, and the use of the water purifier business marketing strategy to win the extraordinary gains . What misplaced marketing is? Is to avoid competition means convergence, the pursuit of a unique, unique concept of competition and competition policy, in order to broaden their market space. In laymans terms, it is "do not do other people do, only others do not." Its purpose is to guide the brand, and establish self-characteristics and their own style, activate a competitive atmosphere, create unlimited business opportunities, so that consumption levels get unlimited widening and extension. For some time, the water purifier companies are accustomed to products and brands segment as a fulcrum to carry out targeted marketing differentiation, although in practice marketing also achieved some results, but often fall into the "wasting resources" competition in behind the growth is the high cost and burden, so that enterprises only a sense of anguish and helplessness. Water purifier enterprises in the competition in the market, is to dare reveal their own characteristics, form their own style, breaking the convergence unique. Should make more use of misplaced marketing strategy in the homogenization of increasingly fierce competition today, water purification companies should make more use of some misplaced marketing strategy for enterprises to find a unique space of their own in the market, creating a net water enterprise unique product consumer groups, so as to promote the healthy growth of the enterprise. Therefore, one should break the traditional way of thinking, the establishment of enterprise unique product features and marketing strategies; Second, we must work hard in the marketing terminal, others do not do the terminal strategy, shaping the image of the terminal unique. Misplaced marketing emphasis is to avoid convergence, that is, to effectively avoid the homogenization of product features and convergence of marketing strategy, out of a water purifier belong to their own products and marketing. And also different from the pursuit of targeted marketing, "we are doing, but I do it in a new way" strategy,Marketing is a complete dislocation of the individual pursuit of marketing tools, enterprises need a new sense of innovation. Tim net water purifier water purifier also reminded businesses, only dare to do an innovator to develop differentiated development strategy, freed from the morass of homogenization in order to improve the recognition of the brand, so as to provide continuous development of enterprises power.

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