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   Today, the water purifier has become more and more families, water purifier allow us to truly clean and safe water to drink, but also for some families feel confused as to why just bought near water purifier, not how long you need to replace the filter, in fact, you do not know the type and rules for use of the water purifier filter. So, Maintenance small series and share today water purifier filter, so that the family filter more secure.



   1 filter replacement time determining how?

   Generally, a regular domestic manufacturers will produce a water purifier filter change time reference, such as PP cotton filter generally 3 months need to be replaced, but only six months carbon filter needs to be replaced; life of the RO membranes are typically about 12 months, typically an ultrafiltration membrane gives the life of 24-36 months. However, due to quality differences of the relatively large area, and therefore, the reference value is estimated based on the average conditions of city tap water filter life, manufacturers will also be part of the actual amount of water is determined according to the water purifier, but the the method also requires reference to the detection results filter tap water in an urban environment, of course, these theories are not truly representative of the water purifier filter life in real life, the actual filter replacement cycle of maintenance was kind enough to have a great relationship.

   2. Maintenance of the water purifier filter rule

   In addition to the water purifier filter life factory set reference, can be used in the end long, daily household maintenance or inseparable the main note the following:

   first, before first use of the filter must be rinsed inside the water purifier, in order to protect the liquid in the flush filter. Specific operation is as follows: open the water inlet valve, water tap, purified tap, then the tap switch frequently (e.g., three seconds off, red 8 seconds) formed an impact pulse, for 15 minutes, until clear out of the water without lather.

   Second, the washing: three different styles of water purifiers, water machine, soft water purification products currently exist on the market, a combination of the filter are made of different materials, the use of the product in a predetermined time inside, where the accumulation of impurities are generated, clogging the filter.

   1, when less than half of the original amount of water, indicating that water purifier filter has blocked more serious, you can purchase the product after-sales service to theHeart apply cleaning.

   2, flush cleaning can be cis or trans flushing. Tap water in daily use in the process is to wash the filter along, it is recommended to open the tap after taking purified water wash down; if the amount of water in the wash along or small, the consideration of the backwash water purifier. Now brand backwash water purification generally have the button to remove the filter element blockage.

   3. Analyzing how purifier cartridge needs to be replaced?

   1, the amount of water. When the water purifier water production is greatly reduced, smaller than the original a lot of water flow through the wash after can not be restored, and the water does not meet your needs, this time on the need to replace the filter.

   2 taste. When the taste of the water purifier and the water drops to close, i.e., can not remove chlorine taste of tap water, a water purifier described activated carbon filter has been saturated adsorption, the activated carbon failure case, the filter should be replaced in the water purifier.

   3, useful life. Generally in accordance with the reference time of the life of the cartridge factory replacement, of course, if a cell using fewer or higher water quality during this period may be extended replacement time for the water purifier will be a corresponding smart warning light alert.

   water purifier filter once started, ability to handle filter pollutants began to decline, until finally the ability to handle contaminants disappear, so we need to do is pay attention to the water purifier filter life and in a timely manner replacement filter. If the filter is not replaced the long-term it is possible to form a filtered water "secondary pollution", to bring great family water safety risk, so we must be diligent in the maintenance of water purifiers daily use and timely replacement of filters .

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