Water purifier manufacturs to do theransformation d upgradin
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   With the development of my country matures water purification industry, competition in the industry has gradually intensified. On the one hand, more and more new brands into the domestic brand open war, while many foreign companies have begun to enter the Chinese market, the intention of eating our water purifier market this "big cake"; on the other hand, our country water purifier manufacturers continued to force the major brands, in function and design to add new elements to start competitive trends, this, water purifier manufacturers how to deal with this increasingly competitive market environment? water purifier manufacturers do change it is particularly important.




water purifier manufacturers to do the transformation and upgrading to cope with market competition (Photo from Internet)

   water purifier manufacturers to transform the four major shift is particularly important

   at this stage, the domestic economy has "new normal" and "Internet +" two situation, in spring dew water purifier responsible person view, water purifier manufacturers should take the initiative to plan four major changes: a a shift from quantity to quality, focus on the development dimension; the second is to enhance the transition to efficiency from cost advantages, speed up factory operational efficiency; third is to attack the main industry breakthrough transition from all sides, shrink breadth and expand the depth, focusing on manufacturers core business; four a shift from external to internal dividend dividend, dividend manufacturers need to create an internal market for goods, to be effective management, research and development for the future.

   water purifier industry consensus: innovation-driven, upgrading, quality improvement

   At present, innovation-driven, upgrading, quality improvement has become the consensus of the development of water purification industry. Water purifier brand Quan, head of the net pointed out that although a certain innovative water purification products is not sufficient to promote the formation of immediate progress in the industry, but hope that this "right way" of practice can bring up contending innovation, the highest quality atmosphere, true to the actual results of a dedicated force to the industry, to make high-quality products at higher prices become the new industry norm, and resolutely "in addition to" out low-quality low-cost products that enable industry to maintain steady and healthy development.

   consumer-oriented quality improvement needs and international standards

   An official opinion in Yaken water purifier market, if the water purification industry in a "very superior, not inferior under elimination, "the environment is not conducive to product innovation. Water purifier manufacturers from the client to the user thinking paradigm shift, responsible for the consumer and establish a consumer fear of the heart, increase customer experience, product stability, Concerns and innovative economy and safety. Through the improvement of industry standards, increase enforcement, the introduction of multi-international counterparts advanced production technology and standards on quality improvement should be raised to international vision.

   In short, the future market competition will become more intense water purification industry, and water purifier manufacturers can not avoid to participate in the competition battle, but the war in order not to be eliminated, it must continue improve their combat capability, whether it is marketing unique new, unique style brand quality or product innovation, only win pro-consumer gaze, water purifier enterprises can obtain a broader space for development (source:! HC net water network)

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