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   increasing popularity of home water purifier ten thousand. The vast majority of consumers are only concerned about the water purifier which brand is good, but ignored the maintenance of this issue, that the election of their own home water purifier to be installed on a once and for all. In actual fact, household water purifier must be in the use and maintenance, can be more safe and efficient operation of water purification can be guaranteed. In particular, higher summer temperatures, but also to avoid exposure. Small series summarizes five tips for everyone.


   The water purifier replacement length of time

   Any of a water purifier filter must be periodically replaced, each by a different water purification filter composition, and each a filter life and different. When purchasing a water purifier, you can inquire about the use of time per pass filter, point to the need for timely replacement of the sale contact.

   water purifier placed in a position away from direct sunlight

   Reminder, direct sunlight, the internal filter bottle may breed blue algae, this substance is harmful to the human body temperature is too high it is best to get a water purifier sun block facility.



   regular home water purifier to wash

   overnight use water purifier, when the next day the first use should be flushed, travel when should close the inlet valve, rinse them before use at home. When the amount of the water purifier hours, usually because of the small water pressure or filter clogging caused. If the problem is because of the pressure, collective residential buildings may be caused by water. If the filter is clogged, please call the after-sales, home visits for filter replacement.

   If you find a home water purifier water leakage, do not panic, close the inlet valve, and then call the after-sales over for processing. In fact, even the best water purifier needs maintenance. The same water purifier, good care not only can effectively reduce the cost, but also to better enjoy clean water to bring a healthy life.

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