Water purifiers high growth in the first half e electricity
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According to relevant data: June 2015 water purification industry total 1.07 million units, up 20.9%; total sales of 1.08 million units, up 17.3% last year. Of which domestic shipments of 940,000 units, an increase of 16%. Export shipments of 140,000 units, an increase of 25%.


industry characteristics:

   in the first half ended in a noisy, throughout 2015, living in the water purifier market is still high compared with other types of home appliances, the growth rate was the market size gradually expand, but also have more companies to follow up, multi-pattern still melee. From this month, shipping data, although a downward last month, which was the market situation dictates, the online channel strong performance in a wide variety of holiday promotions, sales of water purifiers will also increase, but there are certain restrictions channels, online sales of major products in non-reverse osmosis-based, such as ultrafiltration, activated carbon water purifier. 2015 January-June purifier industry output 6.51 million units, up 24%; total sales of 6.42 million units, up 20% last year. Of which domestic shipments of 5.62 million units, up 18.5%. Export shipments of 800,000 units, an increase of 36%.

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