Winter holidays around the corner, aft-sales mainnance unamb
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  Winter holidays around the corner, after-sales maintenance unambiguous time: 2019-01-09 17:02:30

   school campus drinking is one of the most concerned about health issues, from school to university have seen the S & P fountains figure, it to the students of drinking water has brought great convenience, plus Sheung Shui is very important for the body, so drinking fountains will directly affect their health. Now many schools immediately began winter vacation, then used a water dispenser Bailey semester of six months after placement, how to clean, maintain, they become very particular about.

   before the winter, water dispensers campus cleaning step: 鈶?the power off water dispensers; 鈶?cleaning impurities and scale within the water tank, the water tank is drained water; 鈶?remove the used cartridge.

   In winter break back of debris on the clean drinking water tank, holding tank no debris. Before use, the filter and the replacement of the water stays in the dispenser duct is straight row exchange, heat sterilization of the faucet, water dispensers clean.


   in the winter dawn Bailey recommend drinking - drinking fountains cleaned once every three months. To discharge waste water in the machine before each wash, and then select Bili official store clean drinking fountains, use Bili drinking fountains professional cleaning technology and special cleaning agent, thoroughly disinfected drinking fountains, drinking water coming year to ensure that students health problems. After-sales guidance and details to be home service call 400-800-0725.


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