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   water purifier Agent how to improve the success rate of business! Household water purification industry in the past few years has become a hot pursuit of capital, both number of investment institutions or some of the comprehensive home appliance brand water purifier business as an important investment projects. Some individual investors will also water purification agents to join the project as a business to get rich, but not all investors can be successful.



   1, water purification agent water purification agents to join the success rate: To investigate the same brand of water purifier system operating conditions, technical training, to assist the opening is in place, whether the success of the opening, depending on the support of the headquarters is in place, whether money trouble, turn a blind eye up. So be sure to carefully observe the early to join the water purifier store business conditions, poor operating conditions, water purification agents franchisee only on paper under their guidance, and practice distance. If so, we must be careful to join. Because the continuous improvement of a mature system takes a long time to join the experience and management system, in the case of normal business, economic and social benefits are better. Domestic water purification industry stage a bit mixed, a number of small-scale manufacturers are our money, then no matter what.

   2, water purification agents to join to join the threshold: if a water purifier brand Agent to join a very low threshold, we must consider whether or not to imitate brand. Typically, they imitate, follow the trend of the brand price lower than the cost of the authentic brands to join more than 1,000 yuan, in order to attract some of the freeloaders, unknown insider bait, as long as you can pay the joining fee and join the business, in which case we must look before you leap Row. In fact, this basically is a form of selling the name of the business, franchisees received little support on any professional training and management, technology, personnel and finance. For the nature of this company must have a deep understanding. This is what we usually refer to a penny stock, the strength of the well-known brands are set four levels of county, city, provincial, regional agency, each agency level and are clearly required threshold, and the company will give the agent according to the level of different support policies, including market support, etc., so that is more conducive to the interests of franchisees guaranteed.

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   3, water purifier Agent Management System: This is the most important issue to get committed to water purification agents to join it. There are a number of quick success on the market of people, eager to expand soon to join in on the beginning of the project, the purpose is not to establish a sound system to join, but to quickly earn a fee to join, and then wash their hands, or simply can not afford management. If a water purifier brand can not provide very specific joining the planning, pre-job training and retraining, and improve the management system and back-up mechanisms, detailed specification of operational manuals, specifications and stable supply system, etc., so the water purifier brand is not considered. The big brands are generally provided to the franchisee training, staff will send the market lower market market guidance to help franchisees pre-less unnecessary detours, to solve the worries for the agents at all levels.

   4, in direct contact with Headquarters: If you want to invest in water purification agents to join, should directly contact the headquarters, or contact your local distributor, not through a third party sign anything, or can not safeguard the rights and benefits, and pay unreasonable fees. This is very important, many brands are trying to sell, to put franchisee foggy, lost in direction, on the whole water purifier industry point of view may be very sincere invitation to join the headquarters of the manufacturers may be less than ten percent of it throughout the water industry.

   5, the joining fee is reasonable: joining fee is reasonable, to join the first look at this enterprise visibility and management system is sound, but this depends on the conditions offered to join the company , including hardware and software support, the most important thing is to look at return on investment, return on referring to other water purification agents to join, if they feel the system water purification agents to join the returns of their demands, then joining fees on basically reasonable. Typically, each brand has its own water purification joining fee standard, under normal circumstances is not negotiable.

   investigated water purification agents franchisee good water purifier brand water purification products, good pre-bedding, supplemented by appropriate business strategy, we will be able to enter the normal business stage. If you want long-term business, net water purifier Agent as a long-term undertaking, also need to pay attention to safeguarding reputation.

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