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   January 19, to "share the water" as the theme of "Water Man new media sharing platform on-line conference" was held in Foshan, Guangdong Phoenix Hotel. Nearly 500 people in the industry interested in the water industry attended the event, Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Shenzhen TV, Nanfang Daily, CCTV network, world wide web, Sina, Phoenix, network managers more than 20 people involved in associations and the media, witness the glory on the water line Xia new media sharing platform. Economists believe that water Xia technology opens up a new form of shared water, new models and new economic, signed on the spot broken million more than estimated trillion market space.


   (water Xia new media sharing platform on-line conference site)

   share of drinking water: a glass of water temperature, have a glass of water, warmth [123 ]

   Guangdong water Xia Technology Co., Ltd., founder and chairman Liu at the press conference, Chinese people drink water since ancient times, in order to obtain clean water, Chinese civilization we embarked on this path heating. Today, a cup of Guadan, warm water has become the Chinese diet contains the traditional culture. However, currently available for the public to clean, healthy water and warm water and equipment enterprises in the public areas not yet appeared.


   (water Xia Technology founder and chairman Liu issued share water keynote speech)

   Guangdong water Xia Technology Co., Ltd. to "improve water quality and promote healthy water "as its mission, breaking the traditional drinking water equipment innings limit, with the IoT technology, mature use of third-party mobile payment pilot water Xia success in higher education, highway service areas, tourist attractions, such as maternal and child hospital just need to market a new era sharing pure water station, to the general public in public places to drink "a glass of water temperature, have a cup of warm water."

   Correspondent experience found at the conference site, the user as long as the water can be shared by positioning micro-channel public number, self-drinking, convenient and affordable, and water Xia new era of shared water pure water station using multiple real-time filtering technology , clean and healthy, taste good.

   By "sharing economy" in the east, some different from the past as "sharing" and "sharing" project, a new era of shared water Xia pure water station in the traditional Chinese diet is based, combined with the latest networking, mobile payment technology, in public areasTo provide the core technology to filter through the health pure water, fill the gaps in the beverage consumer market.

   share the new media: Blue Ocean trillion arming

   In the conference site, Guangdong water Xia Technology Co., Ltd. co-founder, CEO & CMO Jay left the audience with a taste of the drinking water sharing "new games are played. " He said that a new era of shared water Xia pure drinking water station just sharing device, it relies on water sharing platform Xia new media platform to break through the traditional business model, implanted the current trend of many elements: the Internet of Things + labor + smart + + + share mobile payments public, really touch the "sharing" of nature - to build a win-win situation.


   (water Xia Technology co-founder, CEO & CMO Jay left the live presentation)

   with the traditional newspapers, online media, mobile media and other different media water Xia new media sharing platform leverages big data, networking and other cutting-edge technology to supply and demand together quickly, so that the platform contains a partner to achieve return on equity, regular income, a premium brand, integrated marketing, accurate crowd, platform revenue, collection of income universe, including the exchange platform. Xia mall such as water, can match products and services online resources; shopping to send water equal commodity currency, public concern number to receive water, coins and other functions, can produce similar platforms like kung fu print replacement revenue model; drinking water comes straight Intelligent Man LCD high-end black film LCD screen, enabling audio video advertising revenue; also with the insurance, financial services cooperation ...... appear trading platform subversive tradition of innovation entities drinking water industry, has not yet appeared similar competing products on the market water , filling the blue ocean.

   to industry estimates, with the formation of popularity of smart phones and mobile consumer habits, coupled with the upgrading of traditional bottled water, bottled water, drinking water boilers and other equipment replacement needs, technology-based micro-channel water Xia DEDECATES Xia new era of shared water pure water stations and new media sharing platform, a user will be leveraging the scale of nearly 1 billion market size of over trillion huge market, is expected to achieve franchisees, distributors construction of drinking water ecosystem, users free drink pure drinking water value business model, open up a road from the Red Sea to the turn of the blue ocean market for the drinking water market, the final completion of the new and powerful economic interests of the Community.


   (New Media water XiaSharing platform partner site contract)

   "This is the greatest era of constant change, the past few years I have been very anxious, afraid to step slower than the others on all bets are off. The opportunity to join this new form of shared water for me and my team is an important turning point. "a dozen years of deep plowing Mr. Liu in an interview, admitted that water Xia new model to market in his traditional drinking water equipment and engineering services agency transformation and upgrading of the road brought a surprise. Conference the same day, the water Man drinking water sharing innovation led business model, has been the country hundreds of contract partners degree of recognition and positive response, even queuing to sign long queue was once the scene to break the contract amount billion.


   (water Xia new media sharing platform partner site contract)

   8 years of market-proven: for the dream practice

   facts on water Xia new media sharing platform through technology, marketing, finance, legal and repeated verification and stereotypes, light hardware and software iterations, before and after it took eight years, thousands of condensation behind the "water man" the efforts and feelings.

   In the university, since 2016, a new era of shared water Xia pure water station will have Middlebury College, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hebei Hengshui University, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Institute of Engineering and Technology in Guizhou University dormitory, playground, teaching building, library and even a canteen serving pilot. At Middlebury College, Guizhou University, for example, the school invested a total of 57 sets of equipment, the first two months of 6924 the number of attention that is obtained, 28,112 records recharge, recharge amount 195,643 yuan, 607,633 consumer records. Xia new era of shared water clean water station and convenient health, consumer clear advantage, received the praise of teachers and students; to school, the school need to invest, equipment service management and water technology Xia timely maintenance, trouble and worry to solve the drinking water problem of teachers and students, do both.


   (the new era of shared water Xia pure water standing in the high-speed service area successful pilot)

   In the high-speed service area, compared to traditional water boiler, Man put in water science and technology share the latest design of pure water station water Xia new era of integrated equipment for tea, milk powder and other brewing different service areas for a variety of healthy drinking need population, but also in the form of display for travelers the latest highwayRoad traffic information. Which have been in yayao, Kwai hole, Shaxi, leliu and other Class A, B, C grade service area into hot water station, now being steadily dedicated temperature from 2015 to peoples health journey straight drinking water.

   By questionnaires universities, highway service areas, tourist attractions, maternal and child hospital pilot areas showed that 93.28 percent of respondents feel easy to use, 96.77 percent of respondents said they would re-use, 95.73% respondents expressed satisfaction with the quality, 89.53% of respondents expressed the need for additional equipment.


   (water Xia new media sharing platform contract partner interview)

   According to reports, the existing water Xia version 1.0 has opened up things, facilitate the achievement of micro-channel scan code of water. Future Water Man 2.0 upgrade version, Alipay will further open up to form a separate APP, trying to make every Chinese people drink healthy water!

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