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  Tim net water purification packages "drink" series of design ideas list: Tim net water purification Views: 358 Published: 2017-6-23 11:07:24 Water is the source of life, the human body is 70% composed of water, people water every 18 days the body will be replaced once, so drink into the stomach of the water is not clean, harmful to health is very large. Our daily into the body of water, not just drink water, as well as soup, stir-fry, cooking and so on will enter the body, and the water is often bottled water and bottled water can not be resolved, if the address the high cost and inconvenience. Now home improvement wading improve quality equipment, a large amount, and the relatively high precision, and now home decoration mostly new cells, due to the pre-built pipeline network just very poor water quality, a lot of impurities, the device will cause harm generate economic losses and after-sales maintenance trouble. Renovated old residential house and equipment will face harm of impurities, such as: pipeline rupture, secondary water supply tank pollution, changes in pressure, aging pipes and so will cause damage equipment. End of the film is the most sophisticated machines, such as from the RO membrane accuracy of 0.0001 microns, can be pre-filtered before impurities reduce impurities into the terminal, extend the life end. Household water hammer phenomenon caused by water into high-pressure moment for harm equipment, piping, connecting part of the produced daily drinking water heating portability and timely consideration, Drink series is a comprehensive solution for such status quo.

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