Pour hot water in a plastic cup poisonous it
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   pour hot water in a plastic cup poisonous? At this time for sure, which in the end is what causes it, revealed the answer for you.




A lot of people do have hot water reflects the shares unpleasant smell in plastic cups, plastic cups which is not toxic to prove it, do plastic cups do not pour hot water, pour hot water in the plastic cups will not be toxic yet. These questions left to answer it, we just read it.


pour hot water in a plastic cup poisonous? Plastic cup is heated according to the specific circumstances of the material, generally pay attention to the bottom of the cup triangle mark, these identities are usually from 1-7, which is a plastic cup ID cards, these figures represent a plastic cup material. If youre after a small series of surveys of the bottom of the plastic cup, then it is No. 7 Do not pour hot water, PC plastic plastic cups under certain conditions will always be a little poison. PC plastic residual bisphenol A, the higher the temperature, the more is released, the faster speed. Therefore, not to PC water bottle filled hot water. If you have to pour hot water as needed if small series suggested the use of No. 5 pp, also known as No. 5 pp (polypropylene), is called food-grade plastic raw materials, PP (polypropylene) plastic bottle material is the safest.


Tips: plastic cups can not be for a long time, to be replaced from time to time once, so as to ensure the health of your oh.


Above the investigation order, I hope for your help. If you want to know what the safest drinking cup, please pay attention to our next little knowledge of family drinking it, you will find the answer, it is an honor to serve you.




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