Tail water purifier waste is not reusable
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   From the household water purifiers appearance, different brands, different priced household water purifier and no particularly great difference. The good and bad about their water purification function, but also how it built. The proportion of waste water purifier is a point of great concern, should the purchase properly, will greatly increase the water spending at home.




tail water purifier not waste water can be reused (Photo from Internet)

   As we all know, the process of purifying water purifier is to rely on a variety of filter products to achieve. At present, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration cartridge filter purification equipment on the market is the largest share. Wherein the ultrafiltration membrane can not produce waste water, ultrafiltration water only filter out relatively large molecules harmful substances, does not remove heavy metals and other hazardous substances. So for the relatively poor northern places where the water, RO membrane machine is preferred.

   the public to buy a water purifier, it does not waste too much attention to the tail water. In fact, a large part of people do not understand the working principle of water purifier, the installation will not interfere, general installer will draft tube directly into the sewer line along the row away.

   According to the experts explain, water purifiers reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration these types. From the point of view relatively clean water, reverse osmosis better than nanofiltration, ultrafiltration nanofiltration better than. Under normal circumstances, ultrafiltration water purifier filter water quality to meet the needs of human health, reverse osmosis water purifier filter would become completely pure water. Home reverse osmosis water purifier has a water inlet and two outlets i.e., pure water and washing with water, the wash water is the tail water. In addition to tail water salinity and bacteria than tap water is slightly higher, most other indicators, such as turbidity, color, organics, colloids, etc., are lower than tap water, so water can not waste water.

   There are a lot of space by using tail water of the water purifier can be used to flush toilets, mopping, rinse the mop. Water purification industry may have solved this problem through technological improvements. Purified water is separately stored and tail water, pure water for reference, tail water for washing, this will greatly reduce the waste of water resources. Members consumers buy water purifier, it should be noted that the rate of waste water purifier, and avoid wastage of water resources.

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