Water purification products market is expected to accelere i
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   frequent incidents of water pollution, a growing sense of consumer health, healthy drinking water, safe drinking water concept quickly caught on among consumers, and therefore water purification products quickly by consumers blitz. Affected by this, the past few years, the Chinese water market maintained a rapid growth. Orville cloud network data show that in 2015 China water purifier market growth rate of 80.1%, despite the sharp decline in 2016, the water purifier market growth still reached 40.4%.


   According to Ovid cloud network predicts that by 2017 water purifier market growth rate will remain above 30%, retail sales market will reach 27.1 billion yuan, the market continued to expand . With the water purification industry matures, and the consumer continue to strengthen the awareness of water purification products, water purification industry will show the popularity of the product and product iterations situation ahead of sync.

   accelerate product iterations, the market is expected out of the same competition

   "The market competition is still fierce, low, homogeneous competition is making the transition from growth to the water industry market reshuffle stage." market watchers said the water industry is less and less new entrants into the business, the growing number of brands being eliminated, the eyes of the homogenization of products has been unable to meet the higher levels of consumer demand. In the process of gradually mature industry, some water purification forward-thinking companies have begun to explore get rid of the quagmire of homogeneous competition, Chinas leading brand water purifier Patio with its own technological innovation strength, product leadership and differentiation advantages, break a rise in their own way.

   "Intelligence is the outlet water industry in the future, who can advance the layout, will be able to occupy the leading position in future competition." Patio relevant leaders said, intelligence is not a simple "labeling" and not in the product function itself, dig deeper sense. Patio smart move faster into the field of water purification, focus on product innovation, based on the actual needs of consumers, continue to break the bottleneck in the development of intelligent products, intelligent real solution to the needs of the user.


   According to reports, Patio developed FMS cartridge intelligent management system can automatically affect the life of the cartridge according to different regions of water quality, water users, user habits, mainly water factor to automatically calculate filter life and proactively alert Patio of CSM systems and consumers themselves in time to replace the filter. By carrying WiFi intelligent module in the product, Patio also help users achieve machineDeep Interactor, e.g. remote switch to complete, a rinse button, intelligent monitoring water quality.

   "can not depart from the essence of intelligent function of water purification products, Patio order to protect consumers safe and healthy drinking water as their responsibility, also made significant improvements in water purification technology." Patio relevant leaders stressed, water purification products must focus on the real needs of users for water purification innovation, Patio independent research and development of ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis technology, vacuum technology, aseptic storage, no not from the user perspective, users with healthy drinking water, convenient escort. It is understood, Patio equipped with the latest water purification technology, features of the product, at a rate of dozens per year continue to market to get rid of homogeneous competition Patio add momentum to continue.

   continued market penetration Patio sales brisk performance

   Under the current severe water pollution, water purification products for consumer awareness gradually increase, rising year by year, the income level of residents encourage consumers to shift in the concept of consumption, therefore, the rapid expansion of the scope of the popularity of water purification products, much faster than the category other appliances. Orville cloud network data, 2016 water purifier city coverage has improved significantly, reaching 78.7%, and this trend will continue in 2017.


   water purification products popular with our expansion, means that the market capacity increase continues, Patio performance in the market can be quite brisk. Orville cloud network data show that in recent Week 15, the next line of Patio water purification products sales share of 24.7%, ranking the market first; market sales under QR-R5-01A reverse osmosis model line share of 7.4 , similar products ranked first; sales of water purification products in the top ten, Patio occupied the three, ahead of other brands of water purification.

   "Patio eye-catching performance in the water purifier market, thanks to the excellent products on the one hand, on the other hand will have to be attributed Patio marketing strategy." Patio relevant leaders said the product is the enterprise the foundation, which built on the foundation of the building, Patio launch of "integrated marketing" absolutely denied.

   It is reported that in March 2017, Patio strong force throughout the marketing, in Dezhou, Dongying, Zibo, Yinchuan, Xian, Dongguan, Huizhou and Hunan Changsha, Yueyang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan , Hengyang and other cities carried out simultaneously active marketing. Through a wealth of marketing activities and marketing methods, which greatly enhance the QinPark brand influence, but also led to the growth of national sales. Direction "Patio now has the lead, we now want to continue to advance on the basis of all aspects of product innovation and marketing to promote the Patio to the next level, but also can bring the water industry toward a more mature, better development . "Patio relevant leaders said.

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