Water quality is also a factor in the decision to buy watepu
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   Now consumers buy water purifier is often only care about big brands, good quality, with little regard to say appropriate to their own home. Wants to choose a home water purifier certainly consider it, "the family is what the water quality."


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   generally north, north-west particular, hard water, calcium and magnesium content exceeded. South and South China general water quality is quite soft, but many bacteria, mainly for fecal coliform. Coastal sediment-laden algae. Intensive industrial area heavy metal content, and more rust. This is just the case of a large range of local water quality specifically how, consult your local health, water supply and other departments. Before buying a water purifier, understand these, then select the appropriate water purifier, you can avoid the embarrassment caused by the blind purchase.

   In fact, household water purifiers did not we imagine so complicated way of saying from the filter, including ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration, the former is the technology used by most water purifiers, filtered water containing certain minerals, whereas the latter is pure water, it does not contain any harmful substances and minerals. The former can be used as washing the family cooking, but not for direct consumption, the latter is designed to drink.

   poor water quality, hard or heavily contaminated areas, the proposed direct purchase pure water, and all of the noble metal shields out harmful substances, so drink clean pure water. And where the water is soft, without calcium, magnesium and other metals exceeded, just use ultrafiltration water in suspension, the microorganisms can be directly consumed.

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