Talk about water purifiers Shopping Strategy four strokes ea
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   First, look at the filter element



   According to the relevant person in charge: The quality of water purifier filter with a direct relationship, some manufacturers market their products in order to increase selling point at the name of technology import or unintelligible, claiming the life of three years or more filter must not be permanently replaced, in fact, is a kind of filter supplies. Water purifier filter replacement time depends mainly on two factors, first, raw water filter, such as filter tap water filter life than groundwater filtration long; the other, a relationship with the size of the domestic water demand of the family. It is understood that the current household water purification filter are used ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, PP cotton, activated carbon, KDF like.

   Second, look at documents

   According to Ministry of Health, the number of wading products this document statistics, the domestic manufacturers lack of access to health documents relating thousand, in fact, the market is not down in the sale of water purifier brand four thousand, so a lot of water purifier brand to the market to take undocumented, sets of cards, false evidence and inconsistent manner in the drinking water market products. At the time of purchase is recommended as far as possible to the official website of the Ministry of Health whether the brand has a health document.

   Third, look at the brand

   the number of domestic water purifier manufacturers, although many, but through 20 years of development have born a number of outstanding and well-known manufacturer of water purifier water purifier brand, according to water purifiers resolve network responsible person, the first category is the domestic professional water purifier brand, with spring dew, Patio, net of the spring, Angel, the source of power as the representative; second category is imported water purifier brand, Dalton, Everpure, 3M, Toray as the representative; third category is the cross-industry brand to the United States, nine-yang, Haier as the representative. The above-mentioned brands are the domestic market brands, these brands the most expensive imported brands in the domestic specialty brands most cost-effective, cross-brand positioning in the high-end consumer groups, consumers in the purchase can be used as a reference or priority brand.

   Fourth, look at service

   generally buy a water purifier, we can always provide consumers with the perfect pre-sales, after-sales service brand more trustworthy, pre-sale services: mainly water quality sampling to consumers homes, clean water needs of consumers of household water use, mounting position to understand; sale, combined with pre-sales information and understanding of consumer expectationsExpenditure program design and clean water is recommended; after-sales mainly regular home maintenance and professor consumers use water purifier should pay attention to common sense, good service can not visit local network or have used the brand consumers the evaluation.

   is now home water purifiers are gaining in popularity, but consumers in the purchase always encounter, that kind of difficulty; after all, because there is no effective regulation of mandatory national standards, lack of specialized departments so that the water purification industry in the country soaring, good and bad situation. However, in the future, the water industry is expected to enter the ordering stage of development, while for consumers to buy water purifier will no longer be a difficult task.

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