Why water purifier market tepid- Consumdemand is the key
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   water pollution is getting worse, peoples awareness of healthy drinking water is growing, coupled with the consumers living standards rising, the health of consumers of drinking water have higher requirements, so that the water purifier to become the new consumer electronics market outlet. But home water purifier market has been tepid, which is why?




water purifier market Why tepid? Consumer demand is crucial (Photo from Internet)

   whether the consumer demand?

   At present a lot of exposed water pollution, environmental pollution situation so that consumer demand for high quality water quality there is a demand may (note: only possible!).

   whether strong consumer demand

   Unfortunately, on this issue, water purification products have a big problem, pass the test, consumers do not care about this issue! Although water quality is not negative reports small, but apart from a few areas of pollution is very serious and must be purified before drinking, but most parts of the country not so serious, not to the degree of safety purifier to drink, so most consumers do not care about this issue. Spending habits always the case, if this problem is not severe enough, or good to very attractive level, spending habits is always hard to change! Water purifier market is embarrassing here, because there is no negative issues to extremely serious level, and if more seriously, will involve multiple interests, therefore, for a new class "is used to solve the problem," the problem is not solved it, the obvious benefits, consumer appeal Nature is very small! and also shown in the research, up to 85-90% of consumers believe water purifier dispensable, for more direct words of the sentence, consumer demand for water purifier is not strong! this also proved the point the water purification industry in terms of outreach has done is not enough.

   whether consumers satisfied with the results?

   When the strong consumer demand that can not be shut out of date, it means that consumers are satisfied with the effect of water purification products is not so critical and important! in the long run, water purification products is very promising, but need to wait for further improvement of material life, to further enhance consumer attitudes, the pursuit of high quality of life more intense when the possibility of realization will be relatively large, but it takes time!

   Although the water purifier market conditions today compared with the past, it has beenHas changed dramatically and enhance consumer awareness of the importance of healthy drinking water, a lot of understanding of water pollution on human harmful, water purifiers are constantly being accepted by consumers. But from the real boom is still some distance. (Source: HC)

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