Stainless steel cup milk it can be installed
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   After the cooler weather, many people like to use insulation that is convenient stainless steel cup and a variety of drinks, if you know that you can install stainless steel cup soy milk it? Answer for you.




Ever since the soybean milk, a lot of families like to make themselves at home, made out of soy milk are boiling hot milk. In order to make better insulation soy milk, some people would think to put him in a stainless steel cup insulation. A lot of people will be questioned, stainless steel cups can hold milk it?


stainless steel mug can be used to install milk, but there are many considerations oh. In order to allow the sterilization of milk after long-term storage, you can follow the steps below.


First, prior mug boiling water soak, let the whole cup to heat up, this will play a role in sterilization, to avoid contamination of milk.


Second, the drained water inside the mug finished milk, milk was poured immediately, leaving a void for an one-fifth, fail too full. Put the lid on, but do not tighten, tightly closed after ten seconds.


Third, at room temperature, etc. can also be refrigerated after milk Oh cool, at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius milk can be stored for a week, so you do not need to make every day a lot of trouble. Need to drink milk out of time simply to re-heat it can be drunk.


Fourth, the exhausted after sure to clean stainless steel mug.


to see where you can rest assured, as long as pay attention to these matters stainless steel cup used to hold milk still entirely possible. What kind of glass at the small household drinking water continue to share knowledge safest drink for you, so stay tuned.




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