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   In recent years, peoples lives and health and safety problems of drinking water given unprecedented attention. With the popularity and increasing health consciousness, peoples drinking habits gradually changed from tap water, bottled water, bottled water, to water purifiers, the pursuit of healthy drinking water has become a trend. With the change in peoples attitudes, change of industry has undergone profound changes. In the world, second only to investment in health education, water purification industry has a huge demand and space. Chinese water industry after over ten years of development, the product has been imported from the period of transition to the advanced stage, the future development prospects full of imagination.



   water purifier development in the country less than 30 years, but the market product sales have increased year by year. Especially in recent years, the development of the overall market is explosive, the annual compound growth of more than 60%, increasing the number of market brand. Offers newspaper network survey data show that Chinas water purifier manufacturers have grown to more than 5,000 in recent years, annual growth rate of 30%, about 40% of new business each year, while about 10% of business failures or change jobs. So, how to choose a water purifier to join? Purifiers top ten brands ranked true?

   water purifiers top ten brands ranked should be a fully enclosed and not open the answer, because each enterprise, standard every person and agency comments on the top ten brands of focus and scores are not the same, and as such, the industry only appeared so many top ten brands ranked. For dealers, ranking in the top ten brands of water purifiers business must be good service, good quality, the price of space is large enough, the best way but also a greater visibility, so pay in advertising time small price, and consumers are more receptive.

   to join the water purifier to choose how to look at the following three points:?

   a: water purifier manufacturers to join to see the credibility of

   - M 17 years dedicated to clean water and quality of service are the core competitive advantage, while good customer service, product features not only can play to the extreme, but also set up a business in the eyes of users a good brand image. Hua Kang water purifier manufacturers to develop a detailed work plan for a helping agency operations, performed personal services, professional training, explain in detail the water purification products to ensure that agents can sell products faster, Hua Kang water purifier for the agents to create greater value.

  Two: water purifier manufacturers to join to see the strength of

   Now the water purification industry is still in perfect stage, most of the manufacturers are thinking about the products sold out even if done. How about simply not to manage sales agents, but desperately requires a multi-agency purchase. It belongs to the irresponsible companies, resulting in a lot of orphans machine appears. Agents do not want to do a good job market, but the lack of guidance, as well as the lack of support of manufacturers.

   - M water purifier "not in pursuit of profit" for the first goal. Hua Kang water purifier brand, is one of the research and development, production and sales of integrated water purifier enterprise, not only has a solid manufacturing strength, more complete sales team and sales model, Hua Kang water purifier has been water purification agents to join the brand of choice. Hua Kang water purifier choose to join the agents are trusted to China Kang water purifier.

   three: water purifier manufacturers to join to see the after-sales support

   Todays water purifier brand development mode or Join primarily, but most brands are after then move to hire supplier the second batch of agents, and the agents support this piece of useless at the core, service is not perfect. Hua Kang water purifier on the agents have a strong regional protection policies, in terms of after-sales service products, Hua Kang water purifier water industry to break the conventional water purification industry leading service upgrade commitment "24H rapid response."

   to join the water purifier how to choose? Purifiers top ten brands ranked true? Many consumers in the purchase of goods and a lot of agents in the choice of agency brands, usually related to the Internet to understand brand information, but various online version of the "top ten brands", so that consumers are often confused and disoriented. Nationwide, water purifiers top ten brands ranked institutions have a lot of selection, including buying shopping network, network Bo Pi, Chinas top ten brands on the net, Chinese companies list, to say who is more scientific, but also who letter, yet to be consumers and franchisees during use to test. Learn Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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