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   February 1st, 2018 in the afternoon

   Ke Qi Environmental Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Xu east to sail - up Toyama pit lake at the foot of Yongjin Hotel hosted the 2017 meeting, relevant national quality inspection department heads, supplier representatives, marketing and service partner representatives, each department management and staff representatives, a total of 100 people attended a "not forget the early heart, temper forward" as the theme of the annual meeting, togetherness a shared good feast.

   this year will be held in two locations. 12:30 pm, ADMINISTRATORS plenary meeting at the companys factory 3rd floor conference room, the company leadership to re-appointment of a new management cadre, and Publicizing the companys new salary system and KPI assessment of the implementation details, and 2018 year performance targets and the budget was announced.

   4:00 pm, before the dinner was held at the hotel, the companys total Luo took the lead speech.

   First of all, my sincere thanks for his many years given the companys strong support of leaders at all levels, suppliers and partners; the same time, the staff arrived at the scene to extend New Year wishes, to extend to the families of all employees deepest greetings and good wishes. Subsequently, Luo overall analysis of the current situation and development trend of the water purification industry, a brief review of the development of the companys situation in 2017, and the companys management and employees of various departments proposed new annual requirements; loyal to the water industry, loyalty the company, the companys interests above all else; enhance learning and improve their literacy and enhance a variety of problem-solving skills; and do their job to ownership mentality into the "conscience do product; quality good, way before they can go more far; drink healthy water for everyone and work hard, "the companys practice to achieve the goal.

   Finally, Luozong Ming is indeed the companys goals this year, the introduction of talent, system security, process reengineering, new equipment, build new laboratories and other aspects are described, along with the growth and development, particularly in individuals and companies the incentives were sufficient to establish the statements. Luo total words to the new management team, to be aggressive, to achieve the annual target companies struggle.

   Subsequently, at dinner time the company issued a decade and length of service award Outstanding Staff Award, while video connection work outside the business and after-sales staff, the presence of the staff to the hard work of my colleagues in the front line, causing with the blessing of the festival, dinner in games, sweepstakes and other activities,The atmosphere to a climax.


   Mr. Luo Si right 鈻?Ke Qi Environmental Technology (Ningbo) General Manager Speech


   鈻?Ke Qi Environmental Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Qian Liming speech


   鈻?leadership of the company to toast the new year wish you all better


[ 123]

   鈻?toast each other blessing company for one year is better than a year


   鈻?awarded third prize


[ 123] 鈻?awarded second prize


鈻?awarded first prize in the lucky draw each dinner atmosphere to a climax


[123 ] 鈻?awarded the Grand Prize



鈻?issued more than ten years seniority Award, outstanding staff Award

   2018 [ 123]

   a new starting point, new targets

   our tomorrow will be better

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