People buy bottled drinking water should look QS logo
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summer, scorching sun, the citys bottled water market has entered a season. Recently, reporters from the city Food and Drug Administration was informed, for the demands of consumers, the city is currently within the jurisdiction of more than 40 manufacturers of bottled drinking water products check to make sure people drink hygiene, quality standards of bottled drinking water.


It is understood that the citys total of more than 40 bottled drinking water manufacturers, which Huoqiu, Shouxian County, Luan City of manufacturers more. Municipal food and drug supervision departments in addition to the perennial regulation, bottled drinking water outstanding season for sampling. National Bureau of sampling is divided into sampling, and sampling the provincial bureau PUC sampling, sampling can be on the citys more than 40 manufacturing enterprises full coverage. According to the Food and Drug Administration food production supervision chief Zhu Yundong introduced, the council in the daily supervision of the process to implement the main responsibility, self-discipline required producers to increase their awareness of food safety, so that producers assume such liability let them produce conscience, safe water. At the same time the strict implementation of the production permit system, so far, the citys new do much bottled drinking water manufacturers, and expansion is more, the competent authorities in strict accordance with the Regulations requires bottled water, do not meet the conditions of production enterprises, once It found that does not allow its production. Strict supervision and inspection, focusing on the traditional holiday season include these sales season, the stringent requirements of the production area counties Enterprise Oversight, conduct product sampling, inspection found ineligible ordered to stop production, in serious cases immediately seized and a criminal investigation. Currently the city is all bottled water company sampling, test results are in, the results came out, as the case for rectification. Severely crack down on illegal activities, supervision and inspection problems found in rectification, sampling failed to investigate, re-examination of qualified before allowing the production.


people buy bottled drinking water, should review the information on bucket, the most intuitive is to see whether the QS logo. Under normal circumstances, the barrel end of a production plant name and logo, material goods number, production date, QS mark, barrels are also QS logo is a regular barrel. When consumers buy bottled water, pay attention to see business operators licenses are complete, whether legitimate business. Licenses incomplete or expired license can not buy bottled water. Bottled water quality is generally good quality clear and transparent, free from suspended matter. Make sure to buy the rest assured, drink health.


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