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   With the popularity of water purifiers, consumers worry has cropped up. Worry about the price of home water purifier? Wrong! Now consumers incomes are generally high, with the savings to buy a home water purifier is still very take it! That was most worried about water purification technology of home water purifier? Wrong! household water purifier using what water purification technology a blessing for consumers to decide, so consumers will not put too much focus on this issue, as long as the intentions of the selection of the markets most mainstream water purification technology on the line, I heard that ultrafiltration is consistent with healthy water needs, so we bought ultrafiltration point on the line! that is most worried about the size of a home water purifier water? wrong! If household water purifiers water is too small, you can immediately contact the manufacturer for repair, and its free!


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   it has purchased a home water purifier what consumers are most worried about? the answer is fear of dirty water filter water purifier become! [123 ]

   after many consumers worry about buying a home water purifier, to think that once and for all, do not take good care, regular inspection, so that one year, was supposed to protect their families healthy drinking water purifier, all of a sudden become sewage is harmful health of their families. How to avoid water purifier filter change, Wright small series will tell a few things you need to do!

   The first is about the regular replacement of the filter element.

   Appearance of household water purifiers are similar in the industry, which is the real decision that the water filter cartridge of the water purifier quality. Water filter cartridge is equivalent to the "lungs" on the human body, with adsorption and purification functions, water quality not only depends on the quality of the filter after the purification of water purifiers, also has a relationship with whether the filter be replaced.

   If you do not replace the cartridge expires, water purification effect is difficult to guarantee not only its own but also may become a secondary source of contamination. Household water purifiers to filter out impurities, bacteria, viruses, and other chlorine will play an important role for urban water supply, but also effectively solve the water because the factory pipeline causes "last kilometer" pollution, as well as pipe used in home decoration, Water Toys and other issues of "last meter" pollution.

   any of a water purifier filter must be changed regularly, but each section water purifier filter composed by a different life are not the same. When purchasing a water purifier, you can inquire about each track filter usage time, the need to replace the point of sale that is promptly contactcan.

   Next problem is the location of the home water purifier placed.

   where household water purifiers installed to avoid direct sunlight, if placed in direct sunlight, the filter inside the bottle may breed blue algae, this substance is harmful to the human body, the temperature is too high it is best to get a water purifier sun block facility.


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   Finally, regular household water purifier is flushed.

   overnight when using household water purifiers, while the next day the first use should be flushed, but now household water usually automatic washing more convenient. When traveling, you should close the inlet valve, rinse them before use at home.

   consumers who want to avoid becoming water purifier is good as long as the usual maintenance on the line, so not only can effectively reduce the cost, but also to enjoy a better life clean water.

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