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   No. 2015, February 26 (January eighth day), after spent a happy and auspicious Spring Festival holiday, clear water companys entire staff to return to work.

   the first day of work after the Spring Festival, the staff came to the company early reports, all smiling, all confident, prosperous popularity, the emboldened enough to allow enterprises brimming with vitality. The company came early in the morning to go to work, the boss sent us one by one by one started in a red envelope, after receiving a red envelope, all of them are more open hi-by Yan. Especially unmarried person who is mustering the strength to married persons group to discuss a red envelope. The first day on the job is full of festive atmosphere.


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   in each persons greetings and happy laughter, gradually enter into the job in order.

   Next, clean water to all company employees with more enthusiasm, more solid style, more effective measures, threw himself into work, a good start for the new year to complete the work !, a good start

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