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   [Chinese] net water purifier the temperature dropped, the onset of winter, the heat of the water purifier market with the reduction of people drinking gradually faded, water purifier sales also went into the winter. How to do that every off-season marketing water purifier agents are concerned, the industry there is a saying, "sales season, off-season promotion," this may be true, do you know promotion in the off-season, sales can be done for the season good bedding.

   focus on the promotion of offline water purifier

   There is no doubt that the so-called end is the end product sales channels, is the product link directly to the hands of consumers, the product reaches the consumer the final port to complete the transaction, is a place of exhibition and trade of goods and consumers face to face. With increasing water pollution and solve the drinking water problem at present a variety of products, a variety of drawbacks, water purifiers have the potential to become essential goods, but the current penetration rate is still not optimistic, many people think that there is a water purifier can no appliances. Therefore, trying to sell water purifiers will go out of store model, from retail to start, place increased focus on cell populations, communities, public places, offices and other efforts to promote, so that more people realize that water purifier importance.

   Clearly, water purification agents in continuous development to progress we have to first stabilize themselves, that is, we often say "maintaining stability", how good solid terminal marketing channel? Water purification agents providers in selecting water purifier brand, and the first to know accurate water purifier sales in brand positioning when selecting the manufacturers and the strength of the status quo combined with their own actual situation of the local market to develop practical development plan.

   the quality of products and services to achieve real office

   of water purification agents in terms of individual elements is not necessarily concerned about consumers want something, you have to end with the end consumer market thinking consideration. Water purifier from the initial development to the grass-roots industry a dark horse in the home appliance industry, manufacturers and the pursuit of product quality are inseparable. A water purifier brand in the country to maintain a steady growth of sales, in the final analysis, have a high-quality product quality, the need to meet consumer demand.

   In addition, water purifier service issues has been one of the main factors that plagued the entire development of the industry. Water purification product is different from general merchandise, and it is closely related to our health, routine maintenance is very important for the life of the product and the use of safety, it isIt is unique. The water purifier is different from other appliances, it is directly related to our drinking water products, its after-sales service is particularly important.

   Therefore, water purification agents in the sale of off-season, may wish to focus on marketing and product quality, service and stick to it will be able to receive unexpected results.

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