Poke in the water purifier consumpain pot was beg relegated,
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  Poke in the water purifier consumer pain point was being relegated, it moved whose interests? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 616 Date: 2017-4-6 9:37:24 are working to make consumers safer to drink clean water, but the emergence of water purifier, bottled water and broke drinking fountains sole charge of the world situation, we can say that since the birth of household water purifiers, will be debated. 鍑€姘村櫒鎴充腑娑堣垂鑰呯敤姘寸棝鐐瑰嵈琚帓鎸わ紝瀹冨姩浜嗚皝鐨勫埄鐩? Some said water purifier to drink a lot of bad, some people say too much trouble water purifiers, water purifiers and some people simply say that is a lie; behind the seemingly simple event, is likely to affected industries wrestle with envy. Then the water purifier who moved the profit cake first:? Water heaters, solar water purifier industry, which has a central water purifier and front water purifiers, water purifiers these devices are an effective means of protecting water appliances, if used these protection devices, these two appliances can prolong the life of at least five years, and the chance of damage will also be greatly reduced; so the water purification industry move profits water heater, the solar industry; second: bottled water bottled water development of the past two decades, today faces its biggest competitor is the water purifier, because the water there is no effect on his form, if it became every household water purifiers in use, then bottled water will enter into the thing of the past stage; they released a water purifier out of the water, then drink a long time can lead to rumors of rickets, a little common sense is clear, bottled water equipment and household water purifiers are completely the same device, just a just a little large; third:? Why tap water will do very simple reason, because under the market economy, the emergence of water purifier must be because our water problems, but if we say that the water in question, then the same water will be back, that is to say our water purifier is a lie, in order to prove their tap water is safe and drinkable; fourth: residential district water dispenser water dispenser and in fact our household net water filtration principle is the same, but why there is competition between them we do with a simple example;? when every household can take a bath, and who would go to the public baths bare Ding and a group of people taking a bath? [] these northerners understand this is perhaps the water purifier has been the faceThe enemy of it, but the saying goes: "There is no sex scandal star, the star is not without controversy product, certainly not a good product."

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