To promote the process of industrialization worsening watell
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   With the accelerated process of industrialization, peoples living standard has been significantly improved, but at the same time give our living environment has brought a great deal of pollution and destruction, which is the most serious water pollution. From 2014 Lanzhou water benzene content exceeding 2015 Quanzhou dead pig polluted river water, and then this year, Hebei, Tianjin and other places found that many industrial sewage seepage pits. Each event in provoking the masses nerves. State government has been pay close attention to water pollution control, but control can not be achieved. Under frequent stimulation, people are turning to a new rise of the water industry, water purification become the peoples "last straw."

   HFS water purification products had become "just be."

   "Its too serious water pollution, and even previously considered safe tap water and bottled water is no longer safe, only water purifier and some reliability. "some residents said that in the current situation of serious pollution, in order to protect the health of their families, have given up drinking tap water as direct, and water purification products into the drinking water safety of themselves and their families" umbrella . "

   every outbreak of water pollution incidents, will promote the upgrading of peoples drinking water safety awareness. And in todays era of consumption upgrade, water pollution incident caused "panic buying of bottled water" scene has been difficult to reproduce, water purifiers gradually become the first choice of people to deal with water pollution. Orville cloud network data show that in 2014 the National Urban Distribution of water purification products was 63.9%, in 2015 it was 74.3%, and by 2016, this figure rose to 78.7%. According to Ovid cloud network predicts 2017 retail scale water purification market will be 34.3% growth rate to continue its rapid growth.

   have survey data shows that consumers feel the quality of the urban poor accounted for 11.5%, believe that poor water quality and water quality in general consumers accounted for 27% and 51.5%, respectively; consumers believe that the current water quality is poor governance and generally, respectively, accounted for 30% and 70% of consumers did not recognize the current water quality of governance; and consumers that bad water quality have a serious impact on the lives occupy 24% of that accounted for a greater impact of up to 66%. Affected by many factors, water purification products is gradually from "small minority" to "popular" peoples lives become "just be."

   fists to attack "just be" must "steel fist" to promote

   brought clean water in ChinaGuide brands Patio view, water purification products has been able to occupy a high position in peoples minds, on the one hand by the high-frequency stimulation pollution incident, plus consumption upgrade drive; on the other hand, many have attributed to concentrate R & D, advocated innovative water purification companies continue to push in behind it. It is because of water purification products allow consumers to enjoy unprecedented clean life experience, to rapidly advance the popularity of water purification products.

   "product + service, which is the Patio of the two Iron Fist, which played a perfect combination Iron Fist is the key aspect Patio water purifier market." Patio relevant leaders He said the Patio innovative water purification technology, polish product, and force on the pre-sale, sale and other services, at the same time give consumers the best water purification experience, also contributed to the water industry continue to move forward.

   Patio exposure field of water treatment for nearly two decades, with strong technical accumulation and strong innovation ability, Patio water purification products in every respect than similar products. It is understood that reverse osmosis technology recently quite hot, and Patio been significantly improved in the traditional reverse osmosis technology, research and development of reverse osmosis membrane filtration is not only more accurate, but also the filtration efficiency has been greatly improved; in intelligent home appliances trend , the Patio has also developed a water purification product truly "intelligent" machines can connect the phone via WiFi, human-machine interaction; a variety of products using dual membrane dual outlet design, a machine two water ...... by the rich and powerful product portfolio, Patio already stood in the forefront of the industry.

   " service is only another Patio iron fist, but in a certain sense for consumers to popularize knowledge of water purification is also part of the service." Patio introduce the relevant leaders, not only Patio the establishment of a sound service system, to make every effort to solve customer installation, maintenance and other products in question, but also stressed that the consumer water purification science knowledge. It is understood, Patio hand in pre-service arrangements in Purchasing Guide, engineers consumers of water purification science knowledge, on the other hand, Patio also organized, participated in a number of popular science activities and lectures. Patio insiders, Patio next will continue to improve service quality, and increase efforts to clean water science, trying to promote the healthy water households.

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