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  Core Tip: [hyperlink] net water purifier we all know, high summer temperatures often cause food spoilage, to fresh foods, we often choose food in the refrigerator, but we only know the

   [ the ultra-purifier network] we all know, high summer temperatures, often cause food spoilage, to fresh foods, we often choose food in the refrigerator, but we only know that the food needs to be stored in a cool heat intolerance place, but it ignores the feeling of home water purifier. water purifier home as security guards healthy drinking water, of course, can not let the temperature broke the safety of drinking water line of defense, where Xiao Bian gave you a brief introduction about heat intolerance, "the use of water purifier in the summer should pay attention to what maintenance and repair problems.

   away from direct sunlight

   spring is the season of spring rains, with the passage of the spring season, the sun would also begin a diligent tour of duty, the sun shines began to greatly extend the time, so, here to remind you that water purifier is not appropriate in the sun and more sun, because due to the water purifier is filled with water you need daily, while in warm conditions encourages the growth of bacteria, affect water quality, which affects peoples eating and physical health. If for some of the factors limiting conditions, etc. must be placed in a part of the direct sunlight, it is recommended that you set up a site in the vicinity of the installation of water purifiers baffles, blocking sunlight irradiated portion, or placed in a corner selected in the shade during installation, in order to reduce some of the impact of sunshine.



   timely replacement of the filter element

   it is well known home water purifier for purifying a key water quality in its movement, the movement is using a certain service life, because the movement is a consumable, in block off filter when pollutants are also under overload damage contaminants, after using a period of time, movement and filtration efficiency filtration quality will be greatly reduced, so we need to keep in mind after using a period of time should be timely the replacement of the movement, in order to increase the safety and quality of our water



   periodic flushing

   in hot weather, will cause a lot of bacteria breeding and reproduction, even the local water purifier installed in a cool, water purifiers for regular cleaning also will notIt can be small. It is necessary for water purifiers we use a simple rinse after every once in a while, if the water purifier is not long-term use, then it should be a long time before using flushing until water purifier in the original residual moisture and dirt completely out of date.


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   than to remove the above stated points we should also note the following: household water purifier after plugging in the power would have been in a state of work in the case for a long time not in use, turn off the power should avoid prolonged consumption of causing damage and unnecessary waste of resources; after installing a water purifier can not move their casual and removal, if it is installed in the cabinet household water purifiers in the summer, you can not move the location or deliberately obscured, if it is wall-mounted, will have to pay attention to shade, avoid direct sunlight affect the taste, but also affect household water purifiers life. You should be aware that a few precautions mentioned in this article in daily use, in order to make a strong guarantee for our health.

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