The arrival of cold winter water purifihow the mainnance-
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   Since the temperature is low in winter, prone to burst water pipes, water supply pipes if the cracking occurs, without water, try not to use the device without water during (particularly without machine drum), it is best to close the water inlet valve to after the first turn on the tap water, such as silt in the water discharge pipe, and then open the inlet valve, so that the reverse osmosis water purification equipment, to avoid the construction process due to the mixing of sediment, rust and other debris into the reverse osmosis equipment , resulting in a short time filter fouling, permeate flow decreased.



   winter phenomenon easily occur

   decreased production of water, the greater the temperature of the low-yielding the decrease in water flow due to the viscosity of water affected by temperature, a reverse osmosis membrane water production decreases, the temperature usually drops per 1 鈩? water production is a reverse osmosis membrane decreased by 3%, yield 50% water in winter the summer water production is about. Wastewater increases, due to the reduced water production, will increase the flow of wastewater, waste water ratio increases, it is normal, when the temperature rise, will reduce waste, increase the productivity of water flow.

   freeze machine

   If installed outdoors, antifreeze measures must, without freezing measures may lead to a filter flask, the cracking and other membrane shell, the temperature must be below zero to stop the use of clean water device.

   is mounted in the chamber must be ensured at room temperature of not less than 0 degree, since the water volume expands during the solidification process, if the icing, water purification equipment can directly lead to all of the lines, filter flask, and the like are membrane shell burst resulting in water leakage occurs.

   If not using the water treatment device or need to go out, the inlet valve must be closed, the discharge pressure of all the water in the tub, to check the appearance of the machine is normal before re-use, connected to water in order to confirm the normal power, preparing a first bucket of water drained also recommended.

   encounter processing freezing

   must be placed before the entire water purification device 10 deg.] C higher than room temperature 48 hours natural thawing can continue to use the boot, not mandatory open during this period mechanism of water, start checking whether there is water leakage.

   If it is found unopened icing phenomenon of reverse osmosis membrane, it can be placed in a package together with cold water, soaked for more than 24 hours before use.

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