Water filter into the countryside, is no longplagued by wapo
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  Water filter into the countryside, is no longer plagued by water pollution! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 458 Published: 2018-9-13 17:11:43 With the continuous economic development, the state rural development more and more attention, more resources are put into the countryside, which greatly to promote the modernization of rural consumption. end Tim net water machine TZ-HRO1 drawing a rural installations, improve economic conditions in rural areas since 2008, made its decision to speed up construction of rural roads, rural country, rural economic development continued to attach great importance to the rural economy has shown leap development, coupled with accelerating process of urbanization in recent years, rural and township residents living standards have generally improved, bringing the citys urban population to return home consumer attitudes and spending habits also greatly stimulate the consumption of water purifier market. Second, improve drinking water safety awareness in recent years, while a large rural development, water pollution into a growth trend, a large number of factories moved to the mainland, due to the various rural areas of economic management, insufficient attention to environmental protection is not even relevant policy guidance, resulting in wanton factory recklessly discharge of industrial waste water, coupled with domestic sewage in rural areas themselves, but also with industrial water pollution with the gas branch, rural water crisis is already threatening the normal life of rural residents! Rapid economic improvement, rural, rural water environment continues to worsen, peoples health consciousness. Rapid economic development, residents of the requirements of the standard of living getting higher and higher, people have enough economic to buy water purification products; on the other hand, with the rapid economic rise of the water environment in rural areas also suffered tremendous damage, stream fish throughout the year in emissions of a large number of industrial and agricultural waste water and domestic sewage, clear water becomes muddy, peoples drinking water safety also suffered varying degrees of threat to peoples health consciousness. Third, the water purifier popular prices, of course, the gap between rural and urban areas in a little more than two points, but the real decision purifier can successfully enter the rural market is still price! Water purifier in a long time, the impression of rural residents is a luxury, even with the improvement of living standards, still afraid of luxury beyond basic living to chip. But now, with greatly improved water purification technology, which greatly reduces the cost of production, the manufacturing process is more skillful, water purifiers getting into the civilian population in the price.

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