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   water purifier increasingly recognized by the public, can be described as the penetration rate increasing, the type species of natural water purifier is also more and more, such as water softeners, ultrafilter, intelligent water purifier, kitchen clean water, a whole house water purification, etc. today, the editors will introduce you to the difference between the ordinary and the whole house water purification water purifiers.

   First, what whole house water purification that? As the name suggests, according to the different water needs of the family, by combining different water purification equipment, water purification whole house, by combining different water purification equipment, regardless of drinking cleaning or bathing water can be completely purified.

   Second, the purification equipment purification equipment exactly what the composition? What is the focus? Whole house water purification system is composed by different purification equipment, including pre-purifier, central water, central soft water purifiers and water purifiers terminal. Only four purification equipment in order to be considered as a whole house full of clean water. Water purification filter the water mainly large particles sediment contaminants and rust.

   1, the pre-purifier

   The first filter housing as a whole, a water purifier, corresponding to the position "forward", the comparison can filter out sediment, rust large particulate contaminants.

   2, the role of the central water supply means

   If the pre-purification is simple coarse filter, the water purifier belongs to the central fine filter, you can remove the residual chlorine in water, metal substances, pesticides, pesticides and other harmful substances, for whole-house water filtration at times, while retaining the beneficial minerals and trace elements.

   3, the central water softener

   soft water is to our lives hard water into soft water, soft water more comfortable and can protect the skin, protect the clothes, make clothes brighter; at the same time , it is possible to prevent peeling due to manage the blockage caused by damage to the equipment, appliances and protective effect and piping equipment.

   4. The water purifier tip

   end to drinking water purification system is mainly targeted to further remove organic compounds in water, improving water taste, make the water more healthy.

   Third, the difference between the water purifier and the whole family of ordinary water purifier. From the difference between the water purifier and the purifier of view, the ordinary water purifierOnly purify the water we drink, and the entire interior of clean water is a full range of purification, in order to ensure the safety of all aspects of life.

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