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  2017 Year of clean water Keywords: water purifier Views: 510 Date: 2018-1-4 10:19:47 2017 is the key to household water purifiers force and shuffling of the year, a huge water purifier industry changes in structural changes, consumer trends, strong accelerated expansion, accelerate innovation, expansion of the brand, in 2017 the continuous development of water purification industry there have been several hot keywords. First, consumption upgrade my countrys economic structure is in a stage of transformation and upgrading, peoples consumption and life is also a significant change. On the one hand, the rise of e-commerce, providing people with a richer shopping channels; on the other hand, finance, insurance, and other cultural industries rapid development, making it the rapid expansion of consumer objects, the overall consumption structure upgrading. People already can afford to buy from - look at the quality, service - re-experience the water purification industry showed trends are becoming evident. Second, the brand is an important upgrade to upgrade the brand and brand strategy company in the tactical means to establish and maintain their own brand equity to be used, with the connotation change change water purifier business environment and consumer demand, water purifier brands and forms also changing development to meet the needs of social and economic development. Third, the channel is one of the largest reorganization of the water purification industry characteristics, channels from simple channel system one yuan or binary into a multi-channel system, so the channel is very important. Fourth, integration of resources enterprise resource integration is a strategic decision for the long-term interests and achieve, as circumstances change and development of the market, companies must follow various resources integration and optimization, which requires a strong strategic coordination. Water purifier companies must set up a dynamic strategy for the integrated index should regulate enterprise resource capacity, thereby improving the corporate strategy. Fifth, the environmental crisis from the sky to the Battle of Qilian Mountain ecological damage accountability from the central environmental inspectors to promote the construction of ecological civilization ...... 2017, China blowing a field of green "storm." Up to now, the central environmental inspectors has achieved full coverage of the 31 provinces, the number of accountability only in 2017 more than 10,000 people. Recently concluded Central Economic Work Conference requirements, pollution prevention lay battle, to make the total emissions of major pollutants significantly reduced, improving the overall quality of the ecological environment, the focus is to win the Battle of the blue sky. This shows the environmental crisis comes, the water industry will have a huge impact. However, with long-term point of view, this move could lead to the beginning of the water purification product price increases in a short time, but after a new round of reshuffle, the industry will be more standardized. Sixth, shared water purifier with shared economic development, in the water purification industry has set off a "shared" wave. Sharing water purifier models and shared bicycle business model is basically the same: the Internet investment company out of money to buy large quantities of water purifier on the market, so that consumers do not spend money to buy water purifiers, just have to pay a service fee every year, you can have an intelligent things purifier. Consumers can phone to receive a variety of things water purifier intelligent information provided, including information on all kinds of water purifiers and water quality performance indicators and other safety information. Seven new retail concept with the "new retail" and become a hot word in the field of fast extinction in 2017. People began to think more about the value of online electricity supplier brought vast amounts of data and large application data tool allows marketers to do the exact opposite is possible. Whether brand owners, distributors or retailers, are all anxiously engaged in to try and explore a variety of new retail, trying to find his next breakthrough. The new retail nature lies in the use of online and offline data to transform, which has become a big trend, only mutual benefit in order to make real change occurs retail formats. But now, a whole new retail areas still in the initial stage and try. Eight, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence AI areas, has affected every aspect of our lives. Artificial intelligence, is to use machines to fulfill all current needs the human command to complete the task, which requires the integration of new technologies into products, let the machine real service life. But now the market water purification novel "smart" products more and more, most of the traditional water purification products labeled "smart" label, but can really bring value to the user of the product life are rare. Intelligent future will be great direction, it is an irreversible direction. Nine, with all things Internet of Things applications to accelerate the penetration of each field, gave birth unattended retail, a large number of new models of medical precision, intelligent manufacturing, and other new formats, "pain points" productive life "difficulty" is the essay, a series of "unicorn "enterprise is expected to be born, industrial, commercial competition, the market" meridian "is changing. Things ultimate goal is to create "a better human world." In this world, all things Internet, it breaks the barrier "objects" of the human, data, procedures and network interconnection of things, brought infinite possibilities. Ten, the whole house water purificationSo-called "family water environment" is not simply the safety of drinking water, but covers all aspects of daily drinking water needs of drinking water, domestic water and other families. By installing a whole house water purification equipment, so that every family can flow out through a leading professional cleaning of water purification. Currently, water purification machines and other equipment by ultrafiltration, the "whole house water purification" is becoming the main measures to improve the public "family water environment". Whole house water purifier in addition to all the family to solve the problem of water environment, there are many desirable advantages. When work does not require electricity, no electrical safety issues; its wastewater discharge rare, less than one percent, wastewater utilization of 100%. Next whole house water purification equipment market share will gradually increase. XI, water efficiency rating of 2 November, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standards. The criteria for the implementation of the most stringent water management system, draw a red line strict control of water use efficiency, will come into effect in November 2018. According to reports, the predetermined criterion on the one hand and the water detection efficiency calculation method, on the other hand 5 into the water efficiency, and red set water aquaculture net rate, i.e., 5 to 35% water efficiency is defined. By setting the limit value of the water effect, will eliminate at least 30% of the high water consumption products, preliminary estimates annual water over 100 million cubic meters. XII User Experience user attitudes towards more rational water purifier, home water purifier in addition to the water purification ability of this indicator, humanity has become another powerful weapon to measure water purification products overall competitiveness. As the market continues to heat up, personalized, diversified consumer has highlighted, Innovation, and quality into the mainstream. For water purifier is especially true, clean water is a major pain point users at the same time there are many users "itch points", and how to solve these users "itch points", becoming a water purification products can No move a key factor in consumers.

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