Nutritionists tell you thathere is no nutritional water
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"In our daily lives, the water is too common too common. But perhaps for this reason that most people do not understand what to drink water every day, drink water, drink plenty of water when ... ... and this directly affects our health. "China nutrition Society, vice president of Professor Cheng Yiyong told reporters.


, deputy director of the National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee, Professor of Food Science, Li Lite China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Traditional Guang An Men Hospital of therapeutic nutrition Renwang Yi, together with Professor Cheng Yiyong, and for us to answer 10 closely related to health, but also the people most concerned about the "drinking problem."


asked: in the end there is no nutritional water?


Lee Ritter: Indeed there are a lot of people are concerned about whether the water has a wide variety of nutrients, but it ignores a fundamental fact - the water itself is a nutrient. We usually talk about the six nutrients the body needs, in fact, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Water is a living body, is a nutrient indispensable to the survival of animals and plants. Meanwhile, the body of water is the most abundant component. As long as there is enough water, people can survive without food for several weeks; but if there is no water, the number of days will die. So, whether you drink water, tea or soup, daily intake must be sufficient "water nutrition", in order to maintain the normal operation of this complex human machine.


Second question: whether drinking water replenishment is best?


Cheng Yiyong: This expression is a bit one-sided. Boiled water replenishment effect is indeed good, but because of a single flavor, may make people feel that "does not taste good." Research indicates that people tend to consume more and more water when drinking your favorite beverage.


Chinese Nutrition Society, the latest edition of "Chinese Dietary Guidelines" also pointed out that most of the drinks on the market contain over 80% water. The main function is to supplement drink the water needed by the body, while bringing consumers a pleasant taste experience. However, many drinks contain a certain amount of heat, at the same time pay will increase calorie intake. So, Coke and other beverages must control the amount. In addition to water, the morning cup of milk, a cup of fruit juice is a good choice between meals.


three questions: What is the difference boiled water, pure water and mineral water on nutrition?


Li Lite: From the ingredients for whiteWater and mineral water contains minerals, and purified water is pure water. In northern China such as Beijing, boil water jug 鈥嬧€媤all will bear thick layer of scale, this is the performance of existing minerals, in this sense is also a mineral water boiled. Well, it is not free of water containing minerals on a good ratio? Not necessarily, after all, the mineral content in water is very small, complement the human body needs minerals will not bring a big impact. So, that will lead to long-term drinking mineral water, mineral overdose or poisoning is wrong, say the long-term drinking pure water lead to nutritional deficiencies is also wrong.


Four Questions: The soup can recharge?


Cheng Yiyong: Of course, because the soup more than 90% moisture, it is a good way to recharge. However, the soup should not be too salty to drink, or excessive intake of sodium ions, the osmotic pressure of the body will change, must drink more water to neutralize - thats why we sometimes feel soup drink more thirsty. Therefore, we must control the amount of salt when soup, chicken, mushroom soup had very tasty, can not salt.


5 Q: water overnight in the end can not drink?


Lee Ritter: There may be some microbes in water overnight reproduction, but it has a much harm to the human body and also not so serious. As long as there is no contamination, the nature of the water will not change, so drinking water is not a problem overnight. We drink spring water, probably hundreds of thousands of years ago.



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