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   people are drinking every day, but because of their common and neglected. Now with the development of society, healthy food, air pollution, drinking water safety has become a concern of the people living in each topic. In order to ensure the safety of drinking water, more and more people choose to buy a water purifier. ? So the question is, in the end choose what type of water purifier what brand it was assured Xiao Bian want to say: big brands more worth having

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   Shenzhen City Granville Dayton Technology Co., Ltd. is a world! world famous, civil collection and water treatment equipment R & D and production space areas of the company. In 1978, the company set up headquarters in Pennsylvania, the company formerly involved in NASA NASAs Apollo program, designed spaceship water circulation filtration and purification systems. In 1979 the company established "Vishay Dayton Global Water Quality Institute" at headquarters, high-end product positioning and global development Vishay Dayton created a solid foundation. Vishay Dayton development and production of water treatment systems sold the United States more than 30 years, and around the world set up a sales and service network. Vishay Dayton has always been committed to providing excellent quality products net drinking water, with industry-leading technology and high-quality products, access to many consumer satisfaction.

濞佷笘椤垮噣姘村櫒绛剧害澶 瀹夊叏楗按涓嶅蹇借

Vishay meal purifier subscription CCTV

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