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   2016 is the first year "Thirteen Five Year Plan", under the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the call of national policy, many people took to the road to riches start their own businesses, and water purifiers to join the agency to dark horse potential Deus Ex, has become a hot investment to join. For starters just touch the water purification industry is, how to choose a water purifier to join, how to open water purifiers stores, how to attract customers make money, how to win a good reputation, it is a very important issue. As a well-known brand home water purifier to join the pleasure, combined with its experience in the water purification industry for many years, summed up the novice to join four points in the shop when the business is to be noted.

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   suitable location is the key to success

   As we all know, no matter what kind open a storefront location are very important, which basically determines the entire store the number of daily traffic . Water purifier is used for drinking water purification family, so we must first consider the relatively large number of potential customers in the region, so as to increase sales of the product. Overall, the famous shopping street, near the large appliance market, residential quarters, schools and other large flow of people nearby places are very good choice, the second is to consider the traffic problems, after all, only a convenient place will have a steady stream of traffic new passenger traffic, but also taking into account cost, combined with their need to choose the appropriate store location is a good strategy.

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