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  What are some tips when consumers choose water purifier? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 309 Published: 2018-9-28 14:40:31 If you feel you can not start choosing water purifiers, water purifiers do not know what is good, then you may wish to several aspects begin to master a few tips when selecting water purifier. First, the match quality of the product, poor water quality of the product itself and need auxiliary filter media, such as a large number of sand is required pp + ultrafiltration was filtered, pp protective barrier particles ultrafiltration, ultrafiltration volume against small bacteria, impurities, such a virus can be a combination of long-term fit; and for regional water quality is not bad, can be installed directly ultrafiltration water purifier. Again, focus on water purification installation site, played by function. To the main center of the whole house, or a straight-based drink, which flow with the needs of the consumers, taste is closely related to the installation location. Ultrafiltration taste better than pure water, high purity water is filtered, but the waste water; ultrafiltration flow rate is larger than pure water, followed by filtration accuracy, but to save water. To master these skills you will estimate water purifier has a more detailed understanding, but what brand water purifier, water purifier what good are vary, vary over time, vary, due to economic condition and function only. There is no absolute good layer of the same machine, there is no absolute difference of the machine, put the key position, the pendulum of mind, reasonable position. The experience is more important, and we have only used the profound Which is good to know.

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