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  Walter teach you how to find water purification business wading this document publishing site: Published: 2017-04-07

   From a strict sense, no wading documents relating to the production companies is not available qualification, the equivalent of three non-product, as unsupervised relevant state departments. But now the water purification industry management somewhat disjointed, resulting also in circulation on the market that have no documents relating to water purifiers.

   So Walter Xiao Bian remind you whether the agent or as a water purifier related products to end-consumers buy water purification products, the inquiry must go to buy water purifier, there are no wading this document?

   Specific methods of operation are as follows:

   The first step: Turn the Ministry of Health Supervision Center official website: http: //, choose to click on the bottom right of the site. " approval Notice "(as shown in red circle marquee box):


   Step two: Go to the health administrative license supervised by the Ministry of public health Center for the query, you can also click the Ministry of health supervision Center people to really take a step to reach the URL (or paste it into your browser address bar: http: //


   step 3: select the left red framed "license inquiries", enter the company name on it, like "Walter" right under the red framed box, select the "unit name", click the query. Query results can be obtained in the following figure.

   (Related links: http: //


   After selecting a tap will go wading documents relating to the electronic licenses, as well as the production and address registered address, expiration date and time of the issuing


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