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   urban environmental awareness urging hot water industry, but industry issues continue to be exposed, the water industry go from here? A father Liu quite recently concerned about the childs drinking problem, Suning, Gome two-day visit, listen to shopping guides introduction has been confused. "Activated carbon filtration, silver ion disinfection, membrane purification process, in the end what kind of fly ah?" Wang can not help but sigh.


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   This is not the case, it is understood, is quite concerned about the urban drinking water, no stranger to water purification products. Just what the election what kind of purification principle, whether imported brands and other problems continued to plague the better, resulting in many consumers hesitant, still on the sidelines.

   Clearly, consumers do not buy it limited the development of water purification industry from one aspect, but the huge market demand so that the industry continued to maintain a high growth state. According to the Institute for Prospective industry published "2014--2018 Chinas water industry sales forecast demand and investment analysis report" shows that in recent years, China water purifier production at a rate of 45% annual growth, and become the worlds largest water purification production base, "Driven by demand, at the current pace of development to conservative estimates, is expected 2014--2015 Chinas water purifier production remained around 40% growth rate in 2015 China water purifier production is expected to exceed 160 million Taiwan. "forward-looking network industry researcher Lin Yanping author wrote.

   According to the principle demand option

   Zhang Xudong said that as the consumer is difficult from a technical point of view and to identify good and bad quality water purifiers, water purification industry, which is the reason there has been no outbreak up one. "Water purifier is a system product, and not the same as ordinary household electrical appliances, like equipment, in a way, similar to the home central air conditioning." Zhang Xudong correspondents said. However, the water purification industry, many brands, a variety of technical principles, models and detailed minutes from the international and domestic academic level, clean water and pure water dispute is still tangled, each have their own experts, each each supporter.

   "water purification technology is not only now, but for decades, whether it is technology or activated carbon membrane technology, different needs require different filtering technologies and different filtering technologies will yield different water quality, reliable and does not require a combination treatment of the original fly conditions and needs to determine. "

  " how to choose for consumersWater purifiers, my personal suggestion is: first clear purpose to buy their own water purifier, to solve the problem of scale, they can only choose water machine; want to keep the mineral water, you can only choose ultrafiltration machine. There have mineral scale, the higher the filtration accuracy of the water, the more concentrated water discharge. "Zhang Xudong stressed that the media often stir is" "concept, in fact unscientific," waste water waste water "or water, but the solvent concentration becomes high only.

  " Secondly, we must choose to buy channels, in particular, to Watch vendor service capabilities. In general, traditional stores, department stores and specialty stores are good, the electricity supplier There seemed to be a little disadvantage because of the installation of water purification products, high maintenance requirements later. If the water purifier service from time to time, replace the filter, water purifier will become sewage is, technically speaking from the product, or whether it is time to calculate flow calculations are flawed, and high quality after-sales service can make up for these deficiencies. "

   As for the third aspect, said Zhang Xudong Concepts certificates and the like are generally manufacturers of speculation, most Chinese factories are assembly plant number, so only water purification industry, other manufacturing did, most water purification companies are doing in the appearance of "R & D", and membrane filter materials are bought from other companies and then assembled. just big and small companies there are differences, large companies cleaner production workshop, assembled more concerned about the quality of the product, it is recommended that consumers still buy brand machine.

   slow development of more scientific

   in Zhang Xudong view, water industry requires a lot of after-sales follow-up, if the sale the problem is not fully solved, too fast is not healthy development of the industry. "to solve the drinking water problem of Chinese residents, mainly the need to improve water quality as well as the transformation of urban water supply pipe network, to seek water purifier to solve the drinking water problem of residents, this is an incorrect way of thinking, from the level of society as a whole look, neither economic nor scientific. "Zhang Xudong said.

   but shall not be denied, the higher the degree of attention on the media coverage of European and American water purifier," are in fact repeated the baseless assertion, the fact is not as Europes penetration and no publicity so high, on speculation that the so-called market prospects broad sense, it means all business. "However, Zhang Xudong said that Chinas water purifier market is still desired, first, because the contradiction between the destruction of Chinas economic development and the environment of drinking water, water reform up timeLong, high cost; second, because the Chinese residents of the demographic dividend, the number of people, a number of Chinese population? If the fixed assets and the number counted in the invisible it is a very large base.

   data show that in 1999 China water purifier production is only 600,000 units, after rising all the way, in 2001 exceeded 100 million units in 2005 to reach 5.88 million units in 2011 China produced 45.36 million water purification units, compared with 2010 growth of 40%. 2013, my countrys water purifier production of about 8572 units.

   "because everyones expectations too high so always feel that the industry is too small, the development is too slow, in fact, the current situation is the most real, the industry should already slow development, there may have been little done because the industry can not do without clean water services, and now the whole industry Although the lips to call attention to service, but more people are still in line to go to make quick money. Do not believe what went survey has purchased a water purifier consumer satisfaction , may surprise you.

   industry focuses on "support" rather than "grab"

   industry researcher Lin Yanping author wrote, "Although bottled water to meet a certain extent, drinking water needs of the residents, but the real health of drinking water is to use a home water purifier, which can solve the problem of secondary pollution of water quality fundamentally. "" With the increasingly severe, and peoples living standards improve, the popularity of water purifier water pollution problem has become an irresistible trend. But the reality of a 5% penetration rate far below the 70 percent of mature market requirements, water purifier market is growing rapidly, attracting crowded. "According to rough statistics, the water purifier brands on the Chinese market over 3000, mostly unknown brand.

  " As we all know, two problems currently prevailing in the industry, one is the mentality of practitioners, clean water industry rather than focusing on raising grab. Second, the gas industry should be grounded science rather than speculation. "Zhang Xudong representation.

   At the same time, water purification products, miscellaneous sales channels and more, has not yet formed a stable and efficient main sales channel," real estate projects, commercial aircraft, the rural market is a good sales channels We should focus on the development. "Zhang Xudong added," I estimate that in 2103 water purifier sales should be about 30 billion yuan, compound annual growth rate, the media say 40%. "

   As for the choice of brands, foreign brands is not necessarily better. Zhang Xudong think,Domestic water purifier no difference than abroad, because many raw materials are the same, the downside is that the details of stability. According to industry estimates, some 400 million Chinese families, the family installed a water purifier if there is 1/4, then the quantity demanded of water purifiers have 100 million if calculated at 1,000 yuan each, the domestic water purifier market It will reach 100 billion yuan. By 2015, with the upgrading of the deep penetration of water purifiers development, as well as existing products, market capacity of Chinas water purifier or more than 200 million units, the total market more than 200 billion yuan.

   "The outlook is bright, the road is tortuous, the market outlook is not representative of the market there, the market is relying on people to do it, it is not the same at home and abroad, because of different approaches." Zhang Xudong case Say.

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