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   In recent years, with the popularity and raise awareness of health, public health and safety issues are very concerned about the life and drinking water. Public drinking habits gradually changed, from bottled water, bottled water, water purifier today. Recently, the reporter interviewed found that many water purifier brand, price disparity, cheapest only 196 yuan, installed directly on the faucet to use, expensive central intelligence water purifier is priced at nearly million.

   lack of industry regulation, the market was mixed

   Recently, Mr. Wang was home to members of the public not to install water purifiers whispered: on the one hand feel that they drink boiled water for decades also lacks the problem, other On the one hand I feel purifiers can improve water quality, do not know how to choose. Reporters learned that residents install home water purifier mainly because in some areas the water supply network use a longer useful life, form a very thick wall deposition, the water was "secondary pollution." The maximum functional water purifier is cured flavor and remove impurities and improve taste. At the same time, to remove entrained water supply network yellow rust.

   "usually sterilized water was added chlorine, chlorine easily formed silazanes and other substances. Accordingly, the need to adopt measures such as boiling water purification or chlorine." Optional attract customers, businesses play activity, enriched health concept oxygen ions, and even "cosmetic", "freckle", "can be anti-cancer" and other propaganda are not uncommon. In a water purifier store, the clerk introduced a price of 2998 yuan a water purifier to reporters, calling it "the most advanced filtering technology, can remove 99% of the impurities." Look reporters too little high, the clerk also introduced a price of 998 yuan ultrafiltration water purifiers, water filters after saying rich in minerals, beneficial to the body.

   It is understood that the current domestic production of water purification plants, the company exceeded 3000, the brand is innumerable. However, the water purifier of varying quality, prices were inflated, fiddling effect and so on. First, the water purifier standard, difficult to execute. There are GB / T30307 national standards and QB / T4143, QB / T4144 industry standard, the standard is there, but has not been widely adopted. Most companies are always trying to bypass the standards, some enterprises do not know the reason for failing the implementation of standards. Second, the current water purification industry is in a state of many and scattered, behind the prosperity of the industry, driven by the interests generated a lot of non-standard small brands. In addition, the biggest problem is the water purifier poor experience, with the appearance of consumer pricesDifficult to distinguish good and bad. Despite the clean water testing organization, but a small number, expensive, companies do not want to detect the extent that some products do not meet the standard requirements are also on sale.

   See Health this document, the use of security-conscious

   The main function is to improve the water quality of the water purifier to remove chlorine, heavy metals, suspended solids and other harmful substances, but the use of substandard water purifier , it will pollute the water. How to choose a qualified water purifiers, City CDC experts have given some suggestions:

   First of all, check the Health this document, whether domestic or imported water purifiers, are required to check whether there is above the provincial level health administrative departments of health issued a document. To this document (valid for 4 years), and completely consistent over the life of the product and the actual process of water purification materials.

   Next, see purification process. Use different water purification process of the water purifier according to individual needs. Such as: water purification process for the purification of PP cotton + activated carbon to remove organic matter may be part; a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, while water purification filter out most of the organic matter and microorganisms, retain some minerals; reverse osmosis membrane water purifier substantially completely remove microorganisms, minerals and trace organic pollutants.

   Third, the quality of materials view. Quality and performance of the material not only determines the quality and performance of the water purifier, to some extent also determines the service life of the merits of water quality and water purifier. Such as: plastic material is all new or recycled materials; charcoal is coconut shell charcoal, husk carbon cheap coal or charcoal; stainless steel is 316L, 304 or 302 and the like. Usually the material will be reflected in the material specification, regular production beautiful appearance purifier, precise assembly, bright color appearance, smooth surface feel.

   Fourth, the choice of brand products. Small plant small-scale, technical force is weak, often just buy a variety of parts to be assembled, and some did not even assembly plants, is to go to other factory OEM production. Therefore, we should try to buy brand products.

   In addition, the water purifier should be cleaned regularly, even if the purchase of acceptable quality water purifiers, if long time without cleaning or replacing the filter, filters, water purification effect will be greatly reduced or even cause Secondary pollution.

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